Queen Mary, University of London Politics Programme

About the programme
Queen Mary, University of London is one of London and the UK's leading research Universities. Amongst the largest of the colleges of the University of London with 16,000 students, Queen Mary's 3,000 staff teach and research a wide range of subjects in Humanities, Social Sciences and Laws, in Medicine and Dentistry and in Science and Engineering.

As part of the programme with QMUL; students will take part in a session with a Queen Mary academic each month. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit Queen Mary and attend the University as students for a whole week during the summer in 2011 in which they will attend various seminars and write a University style essay.

This is the second year of this particular programme and topics covered last year included; the concept of justice, global governance and humanitarian intervention.

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Timetable 2011-2012:
Oct 12   Applications Close
Dec 2   Student Interviewed
Dec 7   Introductory visit to the QMUL campus in Mile End
Feb/March '12   Lecture Series Begin



Studying Law at QMUL