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Choice. The greatest freedom we can have is the ability to choose our direction in life. The BSeven volunteering programme allows you to help others whilst helping yourself. With a variety of different schemes you can choose to give a few hours as a one off or you can sign up for more regular volunteering schemes. The choice is yours. Remember that the choices we make mirror how the world sees us and for those of you looking to move onto university or into the working world having any form of volunteering on your CV is a massive boost.

Do you think that young people have a bad reputation? Do you think that is fair? By making the positive choice to help your community whether that be at local, national or international level you can do your part to show what your generation is truly about.

For more information on our volunteer programmes ask at the BSeven desk or keep an eye out for posters around the college.

BCitizen: Creating positive role models
BCitizen is a programme designed to help students become positive citizens of society and encourage students to:

  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Volunteer within BSix
  • Volunteer within the local community

Qualities of a 'BCitizen'…

  • Positive attitude to others
  • Willingness to help others
  • Driven to make a difference

Our immediate goal is to bring together current student groups under the heading of BCitizen and acknowledge their work within BSix:

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Union
  • Baccalaureate Students
  • Learning Advocates
  • Class Representatives
  • Duke of Edinburgh participants

Our goals are…

  • Introduce a positive poster campaign
  • Collaborate with the World of Work department and CSV to create an on-going volunteering programme for the College, Clapton and to extend into the wider area of Hackney
  • Create a BCitizen focus group involving members from ALL current student groups & staff
  • Improve BSix and our student's presence and image within the local community
  • To get 50% of students involved by 2014
  • To have a BCitizen member on the Board of Governors
  • To celebrate our work by nominating 'BChampions' and holding regular award ceremonies