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February 2012

Gemma Gibbons

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Celebrating diversity at BSix

BSix is about to host a belated celebration of the Chinese New year. Students and staff will be treated to a Chinese dragon dance. This will be followed by events to mark Grenada Independence Day.

These form part of a whole programme of cultural events held in the canteen. These have included music and dancers to mark Nigerian Independence Day. Diwali was respected with a tabla and sitar recital accompanied by tea lights and a special Indian menu. Our staff and students were treated to belly-dancing display and beautiful Turkish food on Turkish Independence Day. A Buena Vista Social Club-style band, together with student salsa dancers, helped us to pay tribute to Cuban culture while pan pipers introduced us to the life and traditions of Peru.

On February 4th BSix saw in the Vietnamese New Year with ribbon dancers and speeches and music made by the Vietnamese Society of the London School of Economics. There is more to come …..Ghana , Pakistan , Afghanistan, Ireland, India and Brazil will all feature in the coming months.

"These events are so enjoyable and such fun but they also have a very serious purpose", says Denise Roulston Director of BSeven, the College's Extended College. "We aim to introduce our students to cultures and traditions across the world. We welcome young people from families from all parts of the globe. We are very proud of this fact and wish to celebrate the 'unity and the difference among mankind'."

Each event combines music, dance and a special regional menu overseen by award-winning restaurateur, Amar Ahluwalia. Future events are always posted on the BSix Facebook site.