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October 2012

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Celebrating Diversity at BSix

It's been another hectic term here at BSix. The canteen has been full to witness celebrations of the diversity of cultures at the College. Events including music and performances as well as the relevant cuisine are held regularly.


This academic year the first such event was a powerful (and very funny) display of dance and music to mark Nigerian Independence Day. This was followed by a Mexican trio celebrating the country's National Independence Day. A jazz band has performed as part of BSix's honouring of Black History Month and ST Vincent's Independence Day was greeted with dance and music.

The proud celebration of diversity has become a defining feature of the College. The events are organised by BSeven, Extended College, and the cuisine is arranged by award-winning restaurateur, Amar Ahluwalia. Mr Ahluwalia, who has overseen a transformation in the quality and performance of the College's catering services, describes how he is so proud to celebrate such a range of cultures and beliefs and to see staff and students rejoice in the richness this brings to life at BSix.

Denise Roulston, who is the head of BSeven, echoes this thought and adds: "We love to the all-round celebration of our diversity bringing together music, dance , food and education –every national day is used to educate staff and students about a different way of life. It is a way of bringing us all together and to build a college community."

Coming up soon are Turkey's Republic Day celebrations and the festival of Diwali.

Researchers fro m the Open and Leicester universities are studying the College as part of a wider project on "living multiculture". They ran ,along wit BSeven, a student conference on Diversity. Our students discussed what equality and diversity means to them. This will be followed up by student focus groups.

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