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June 2013


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LSIS Leading the Learner Voice Awards Winners Announced
BSix College, BCitizen and Community Cohesion Triumph at National Awards!

Rhasan Brunner, of BSix Brooke House Sixth Form College has been announced as the 2013 Leading Learner of the Year. In this hard fought category Rhasan stood out to judges due to his impressive work as the founder of the ‘BCitizen’ student volunteering initiative at the College and his on-going work with the local community.


He picked up his award at the fifth annual Leading the Learner Voice Awards which took place in London on Tuesday 18 June. The awards, which are hosted by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) and the National Union of Students (NUS) celebrate the significant contributions learners make to the further education (FE) and skills sector, and recognise the staff who support them in doing this. As last year the award ceremony was held in central London, and the honours were presented by Rob Wye, Chief Executive, LSIS and Dame Ruth Silver, Chair, LSIS. The awards are also an opportunity to ensure that good practice is shared and available for others to learn from. 

When asked what it meant to be the national winner of this award, Rhasan said: “It means so much to me as it shows that my College has confidence in my ideas and believes as I do that BSix should be ‘the heart of the local community’. This also recognises not only me, but all the other students at BSix who are involved with student voice, volunteering and BCitizen.”

Principal of BSix Brooke House Sixth Form College, Ken Warman was also at the ceremony delivering a keynote speech as the LSIS ‘Principal of the Year 2012’. His speech talked about the importance and impact of student voice at BSix and he even shared the stage with Rhasan who spoke with great conviction and power about his experience as a Learning Advocate at the College.

Ann Ruthven, Head of Learning and Learner Support, LSIS said: The award categories highlight the changing and evolving priorities facing the FE and skills sector. They illustrate a continued commitment to deliver outstanding teaching and learning in the sector, a commitment that has been central to the role of LSIS within the FE and skills sector.”

Since they were first held in 2008, the Leading Learner Voice Awards have provided a strong national focus for the work of thousands of learners and staff across the sectors who are actively engaged in leadership for learner representation and participation. The occasion provides an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding achievements of learners, individually or collectively, and of practitioners, managers and organisations’ who have shown leadership and commitment to learner voice whether for organisational change and development, or in a wider community, social or political context.

Through their closing words Dame Ruth, and Toni Pearce, President of the NUS and a previous winner of an LSIS Learner Voice Award, reminded the learners of the important role they play, and the difference that they can make. Learners were reminded to ’keep talking and listening’ and to ensure that their voice remains heard.