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November 2014


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Army Activity day for BSix Progression Department students

On Monday 10th November Bsix was proud to play host to seven active soldiers from the British Army in what was a day of challenging activities and informative careers advice. Sixty students from the Progression department were invited to take part in tasks such as blind-folded minefield navigation, tyre sprints and bridge construction. It required focus and discipline from all involved, and in this respect the students did the college proud. Star Sergeant Robert McNeill and his team praised the students' efforts with particular mention of Bably Begum, Taslima Begum, Husnayara Nipa, Mennah Fornah and Haleemah Bahkt for their group's effort during physical tasks. One student remarked that they, "liked that the activities challenge your mind and help you to think outside of the box". From the smiles on everybody's faces, it would be safe to assume that this was a shared opinion.


The day was split into two with the second half consisting of a comprehensive careers presentation and Q&A session. This session was run by SSgt McNeill to great success with plenty of questions from the students and satisfying answers from the sergeant. The students had the opportunity to hear about some of the 240 careers offered by The Army, along with information on pay, eligibility and entry requirements. SSgt McNeill commented that whilst The Army may not be for everybody, from the interest shown in areas such as Mechanics, Human Resources, Demolition and Electronics, it is clear that BSix is a college full of ambitious young people. Well done to everybody who took part.

Some statistics from the day:

  • 1 in 3 of students that took part had no interest in finding out what the Army offered before Monday, however 85% said the day had either met or exceeded their expectations
  • 95% of students agreed that they had learned something new about The Army and Army Careers
  • 85% of students agreed that the instructors were knowledgeable and well-prepared
  • Most common request to improve future events: More activities and longer sessions!

For the photo gallery of the day visit the BSix Facebook gallery here