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August 2015


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Pem-Brooke Humanities Summer School

The Pem-Brooke Humanities Summer School took place at Pembroke College, Oxford, between Sunday August 2nd and Friday August 7th 2015, with participants experiencing a week in the life of a Pembroke undergraduate. Over 80 students applied to the summer school, with 6 students from Hackney- Barkhandle Yusuf, Kristians Butins, Lauren Cruddas, Brittnie Moss Jeremiah, Sara Yassi, and Ife Grillo- joining a total of 54 students from London and Greater Manchester on the programme.


Academic activities began on Monday with sessions on using the library and academic research skills- including, crucially, avoiding plagiarism!  For the full Oxford experience, having selected an area of study, students met the postgraduate students who would be acting as their professors for the week. Students were introduced to the Oxford tutorial system, and were set academic essays to complete. This required working in a way that was largely unfamiliar, with an emphasis on extensive and sustained reading, independent research and the techniques and preparation required to defend a point of view in a tutorial.

Alongside their independent study, students participated in a range of social and enrichment activities, contributing to the university experience, and helping them to develop the time management skills required by undergraduates. Activities included a debate on Trident renewal at the Oxford Union, a city tour, games of croquet, and attending an outdoor production of Twelfth Night


Like most Pembroke students, three meals a day were eaten dinner in the grand, wood-panelled and portrait lined dining hall, with a formal dinner on Thursday.

The week culminated on Friday with final tutorials and discussion of essays with postgraduate tutors, followed by a course evaluation and award ceremony. Two students from Hackney received awards; Brittnie Moss Jeremiah the ‘Exhibitioner’ prize, and Ife Grillo the ‘Scholar’ prize.


Overall, the week was a great success, students rising to the challenge of the Oxford experience, whilst having the opportunity to meet new people with similar academic interests and enjoyment of learning. We look forward to next year’s Pem-brooke programme, and the continuation of the special collaboration between BSix and Pembroke College.