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October 2015
BTEC progression to university

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2015: record numbers to university

This year record number of BSix students have gone off to university.

University entrance is an impressive gauge of the progress of the College. In 2010 158 BSix students went off to university; this year 387 did so. There has been a similarly significant rise in the number going to Russell Group universities. In 2010 5 BSix students made it to Russell Group; this year 30 did so.


Bristol University, University of Exeter & University of East Anglia

There are three particularly pleasing dimensions to these figures.

First, there is a very wide geographical spread of universities attended by BSix students. Some have gone west as far as Bristol and Exeter. Some have gone east to places like East Anglia and Essex. Other students have ventured south to Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton. BSix students have travelled as far north as Glasgow, Hull, Cumbria, Leeds and York. Nik Higgins, BSix’s Head of Learning Beyond the Classroom, comments: "It is exciting to see that, while many of our students attend the many excellent universities in London, a lot others are keen to venture far and wide.”


University of Essex, University of Portsmouth & Plymouth University

Second, BSix students are equally adventurous in their choice of degree subjects. These range from Classical Studies to Petroleum Engineering, from Anthropology to Computer Networks.

Third, both A Level and BTEC students have made excellent progression to university. Of the 30 Russell Group entrants, 6 took BTEC qualifications.


University of Glasgow, University of Cumbria & University of York

“These figures are a tremendous achievement for all concerned”, adds the College’s Principal Ken Warman. “If you think back to 2010, when tuition fees were raised, everyone told us that the ambition to go to university would diminish. BSix staff have worked tirelessly to keep this ambition alive and to make sure that its students can take full of the wonderful opportunities that university life and study open up. These numbers demonstrate that this effort has worked marvellously well.”