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April 2016

Researching progress at BSix
The Big Idea Challenge

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Researching progress at BSix 2

The second piece of research by UCL Institute of Education on progress at BSix in 2015/16 has just been published. Its particular focus this time was on professional development.

Researching progress at BSix

UCL Institute of Education & CPD at BSIX

The first section is on staff morale. It concluded:

“The College operates a robust self-review process and substantial documentation is available to support this. Staff and students indicate that morale is strong, and this was certainly judged to be the case in those seen during the research… Senior staff affirmed that the direction of travel of the college was deemed as positive. All the groups spoken to were very welcoming, and all staff happy to be open and frank”

The report then analyses the impact of professional development. “BSix describes itself as a ‘University for Teachers’. While this is clearly a rhetorical claim, it is substantially borne out by the evidence presented in this research” Furthermore: "There is general assent that continuing professional development is of a high order, widely available, and appropriate to circumstances.”

Researching progress at BSix

The Library was selected for particular by students who “spoke highly of its facilities and level of service." Students also hold teaching and support staff in high regard:

“Those students interviewed were warm in their praise of subject advice, the friendly disposition of staff, the quality of peer interactions, and the safe atmosphere within the College. Staff are said to be ‘accessible’, always willing to engage, always willing to ‘go the extra mile’. One telling phrase was that teachers would ‘sacrifice their time for you.’”

The BSix Principal Ken Warman welcomes the positive outcome of this second piece of research: “The affirmation of the impact of our continuous professional development, the assessment of morale as high and the support and appreciation of our students are all really gratifying. The most pleasing phrase for me was that ‘there has been a sea change in morale in a remarkably short period’.”

An important footnote: during the research it was announced that the UCL Institute of education is ranked No. 1 in the world for education in the university league tables.