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January 2016

Pembroke Access film

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Pembroke Access film

In 2008 the Pem-Brooke scheme was launched. It is a unique collaboration between BSix and Pembroke College Oxford. It includes an academic course, an Easter School on study skills and a summer school at Pembroke which replicates the life and study of an Oxbridge graduate.

Since 2008 the scheme has developed and expanded. 15 other universities such as York, UCL and Cambridge have joined and run similar schemes with BSix. Equivalent programmes are now on offer in the north-west of England.

These have been supplemented by a network of subject hubs such as Languages and Theology. BSix is home to the East End Classics Centre dedicated to the promotion of the classics in schools and colleges.

This film was made on behalf of Pembroke College Oxford. It features the major characters in the development of the scheme and introduces its aims and character. Enjoy!