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July 2016

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Making Progress 2015/16

BSix has been making huge strides this year. This has been confirmed by a visit from Ofsted inspectors in April and in three pieces of research carried out by the UCL Institute of Education, top of the world university league tables for education.

Three of many themes stand out. First, morale is high. Teachers and students are strongly committed to the College's ethos and values. Ofsted concluded: "Students are positive about the inclusive ethos of the college". The final piece of UCL research, conducted in June, observes : "Morale of staff and students is high and rising."

Second, the Heads of Department are central to the improvement of the college. The inspectors commented that they are "a talented and able group." The UCL research makes the point that this means that the improvement is sustainable.

Third, it is clear that students enjoy their time at college. The inspectors wrote: "Students feel safe at the college." The UCL research reports that students rate teaching and learning highly.

This progress has been captured in a new BSix Newsletter which was launched at the summer Staff Conference.

BSix Principal Ken Warman adds : "Staff and students have worked so hard this year. You could feel the sense of common purpose in the building. For this, I want to thank every member of staff and every student. They have made Aspire Study Achieve a reality."