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March 2016

BSix: a university for teachers

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BSix: a university for teachers

There is a lot of research on school and college improvement. It all concludes that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and leaders is very important. However, this is often interpreted as attendance at courses or conferences outside of the school or college. To be effective CPD should, the research suggests, be teacher-led- teachers teaching teachers- and should be continuous, happening regularly rather than episodically.

This year this form of CPD has really taken off at BSix. It is led by the Heads of Department, Subject Leaders and Team Leaders. Teachers are sharing ideas about , and approaches to , teaching at least once a week in departmental meetings. This is supplemented by teachers observing each other and subject teams ,such as Maths and Physics, are holding additional sessions on subject-specific CPD.

"This is a major cultural shift in the College", says Ken Warman the College's Principal says. "The phrase ,'Bsix: a university for teachers', is becoming a reality. The College has always offered a lot of CPD but what is happening now is just right and what I've always dreamed of."

Every term the departments share what they have been doing with each other. This ensures that effective practices and innovative ideas are spread across the College. A film of one of these sessions , can be seen above.