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November 2016

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BSix and University 2016

It has been another bumper year for university entrance at BSix. 80% of the students eligible to go to university have taken up a place this autumn. The number of those going to Russell Group universities has risen from 5 in 2009/10 to 34 this year.

What is impressive about BSix students is the geographical range they cover. From Bristol in the west to Newcastle in the north, form East Anglia in the east to Sussex in the south, BSix students travel far and wide.

Our students also go to a wide range of Russell Group universities. The most popular in London are King’s College and Queen Mary. Outside of London our students have ventured to Durham, Bristol, Newcastle and Sheffield.  Barkhad Yussuf has begun a degree in History at Pembroke College Oxford. Mohammed Ibrahim has begun a degree in Human Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University.

Barkhad Yussuf has begun a degree in History at Pembroke College Oxford

Equally impressive is the range of subjects which BSix students go on to study. The breadth is breath taking. From Interior Design to Chemical Engineering, from Pharmacy to Film, from IT to International Relations ‘ from Primary Education to Podiatry.

“This is another great year for university places for our students”, BSix Principal Ken Warman concludes. ”This is great news for the College as it maintains its excellent record of motivating and supporting its students to achieve to their very best. Most of all , though, our students have opened up a new world for themselves by their hard work and commitment. Going to a university to study a subject you love opens up limitless possibilities. We have every faith that our students will maximise these opportunities and go on to pursue fulfilling and rewarding careers.”