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November 2016
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BSix: the Ofsted verdict

An Ofsted inspector recently visited BSix to assess the progress being made. He met with managers, staff and students and toured the teaching departments to look at teaching and learning.

BSix: the Ofsted verdict

He was particularly impressed with our students' behaviour. He described our students as "lovely." He wrote: "During learning walks I noted students' positive attitudes to their studies, their application to their work and their willingness to learn."

The inspector was also complimentary about the management of teaching. "Managers are receiving coaching to support them to be effective in their roles. They are clear about the expectations placed upon them and their staff."

BSix: the Ofsted verdict

BSix's Principal Ken Warman conclude: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the visit. It acknowledges the progress we are making and the impact of the improvement initiatives we have undertaken. This rapid progress and purposeful innovation will continue."