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May 2017

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Learning together, staff and students, to be the best we can be

BSix recently held a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) day - with a difference.

The morning session was led by the. College's Student Union. All staff -teachers,managers and support staff - came together in the theatre. The Union leadership gave a presentation on the findings of their research into what influences student attendance. Staff were then organised into groups to discuss what they had heard. A lively debate ensued.

After a short break, the Union then led a session on student readiness to learn. The Union's leadership spoke in turn about what they think makes them good students. In an act of great bravery, Sannah Panjabi asked the staff: what does it mean to be ready to teach? After a few seconds, the discussion flowed effortlessly between staff and students.


In the afternoon, the Principal of Leyton Sixth Form College, Kevin Watson, joined senior managers for a Question and Answer session on teaching and learning. This was followed by teachers learning how to embed literacy in assessment and support staff discussing the BSix values.

Vice-Principal Denise Roulston, who works closely with the Student Union, says: "I am so proud of our students. They spoke so passionately and well. They had the whole college gripped."

Principal Ken Warman added: "This was BSix at its best. Students and staff working together to improve the College. The College has always been known for its innovative approach. Today was a supreme example of this."