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May 2017

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Student power at BSix

A formal ceremony has just been held by the BSix Student Union to open a Group Study Room.

Student Union president Aisha explains: "There is complete silence in the Library. There is a Computer Study Room but that is for individual work. We felt there is a need for a place where students can work together. So in our weekly meeting with the Principal and Vice -Principal Denise Roulston we suggested this. We had to go away, find a location,organise room changes and arrange the facilities."

Vice-Principal Denise Roulston adds : "This is a brilliant initiative and I am so proud that our student leadership really took the lead and saw this through." BSix Principal Ken Warman concurs: "One of the few proven ways of raising achievement is through peer or co-operative learning,students teaching each other. Our Student Union has literally created the space for this to happen. We are absolutely thrilled with this."


A postscript: our Assistant Principal Caroline Poole overhead a telephone conversation about the Group Study Room. "It's such a peaceful and relaxing place to work.I'm so happy."