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October 2017

BSix Alumni wins prestigious award!

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BSix students attend ‘Battle of Ideas at the Barbican’BSix students attend ‘Battle of Ideas at the Barbican’

On Saturday 28th October, seven BSix students attended the Institute of Idea’s annual Battle of Ideas, a festival of debates and discussion, held at the Barbican.

BSix Alumni wins prestigious award

The festival aims to provide an open forum for debate, where attendees can meet their ‘enemy’, listen to opinions they may not have heard before, argue back, and maybe even change their minds. Students attended discussions on a wide range of topics, from “The academic roots of post-truth society” to talks on literature and the Russian Revolution, and “Cultural appropriation: compliment or theft?” The day featured high profile speakers including academics, journalists, and broadcasters. An engaging and intellectually stimulating day, A-level student Alessandro Ellis said “Battle of Ideas was a great experience: it gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about contemporary issues such as cultural appropriation”.