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September 2017


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BSix Freshers Fair 2017!

Over 30 external visitors and 12 support service stalls  encouraged our students to sign up to clubs and events during the re-launch of BSeven.


Volunteering and charity organizations such as Team up Charity,  Volunteer matters and  Green Peace attended  along with the Hackney Picture House 

MC Languages project offering Japanese and Korean for beginners,  Medical Mavericks and  Victory Youth Group offering creative drama.



Curriculum based societies such as MediSix, Into University Extension and the  BSix Film club took part along  with various support services, such as the Library, Careers service and Employability and Enterprise.


One  of the many students who attended the fair stated,   “It was an invaluable experience that I would  gladly repeat again” the atmosphere was vibrant and  BSix students were encouraged  to ‘Dream Big’.