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January 2018
New Year - Fresh Start Healthy Living Motivational Week

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New Year - Fresh Start Healthy Living Motivational Week

As part of Healthy Living Week in BSix Sixth Form College, the Sports Department planned a series of lunch time programmes and activities for students and staff to raise awareness and motivation

Our activities included:
Fitness competition: where students and staff were attempting to get the best scores in the following 4 events…
1.              1 Minute Press up Challenge
2.              1 Minute Sit up Challenge
3.              1 minute cycle on the bike
4.              500 metre row

Health checks: We gave students and staff members a full body MOT and overall health checks.
This included the following;
1.              Height
2.              Weight
3.              Grip Strength Test
4.              Dynamometer Lower Back Test
5.              Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
6.              Body Mass Index
7.              Blood Pressure
8.              Heart Rate
9.              Body Fat Test

oFo Bike & Smoothie Bikes: We had 2 external bike companies attend our BSix Healthy Living themed week last week. Our first company guests were “Move n Smooth”, an innovative and award winning concept, with awesome, custom built smoothie-making bicycles aimed at promoting healthy eating and exercise in a unique and engaging way.

We were able to engage and encourage students from all walks of life in an enjoyable and interactive way by getting them to peddle like crazy in order for them to blend their own delicious fruit smoothies! It was fun, easy to do and our students got a reward every single time they participated in the form of a free healthy fruit smoothie. The event was a great success, so much so that we almost ran out of ingredients!

Our second guests were “ofo Bikes”, the world's first dockless sharing bikes, which while looking stylist and cool, are a sustainable travel option aimed at reducing carbon emissions and congestion. With each ride costing just 50p per half hour, and a maximum daily cap of £5, this was a great way for BSix to promote our healthy living program, using exercise as our main tool to get our students to consider an alternative, healthier and cheaper option in getting to classes on time.

Boxing Demo: Our final activity was to put on a boxing clinic in the canteen for our students. Our aim was to demonstrate how boxing training provides an effective workout that also can increase many aspects of your fitness and positively affect your health. The tools used for boxing training such as heavy bags, jump ropes and hook and jab pads provided a fun, interesting and challenging workout, that the students soon learned about after enduring our 3 minute pad sessions! The feedback we received from the students was overwhelmingly positive and we had many new student enquiries into our regular weekly boxing sessions in the sports hall.