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January 2018

New Year - Fresh Start Healthy Living Motivational Week

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BSix Students excel experiencing real life world of work!

BSix Music Students real world DJ assessment!

BSix Students hosted their first Club Night; FUNKXION8 at Dalston Roof Terrace on Thursday the 18th. Not only was this an opportunity to DJ and perform live to a crowd in one of Hackney’s most sought after venues, it was an assessment that everyone passed with flying colours. “the students demonstrated professional music practice in a real working environment and gained an excellent understanding of music club culture” – Kishan Pithia, Head of Creative Industries

BSix Health care students success with Jack Petchey Awards: gaining real-life experience with Police cadets

Anita Kaur 

I became involved within the police cadets through a friend. I have learnt so much, rules, legislation and how people are searched and the consequences for the police if the search is done incorrectly.  I have gained lots of knowledge about different legislation for people that get arrested.  For me, my confidence has soared and this has helped me in other situations too such as being more confident at college.  At the moment, I am undecided as to choose nursing and midwifery or policing for my future.  Something to think about! But it has opened up another career option for me.

Pooja Kaur

I have learnt many different things such as how the police arrest people and the different types of laws there are.  I have gained confidence, skills and knowledge about the police and how things happen in real life. In the future I would like to  help young people become better people and make sure they are on the right path.