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  Tawhid Boys School: Official Partner School of BSix

Tawhid Boys School is a local private Muslim school and became the first official partner school of BSix in March 2010. The progression compact developed between the school and BSix is the culmination of several years of schools liaison work.

It is a mutually beneficial agreement which enables BSix to work with students from Tawhid School from Y9 through Y11. This takes the form of various extended college programmes, college experience visits, assemblies at the school, careers talks and student alumni mentoring. All of these are tailored to the schools specific requirements and are designed to support and enhance the school curriculum and in particular to help students plan for future careers and education progression routes.
The key benefits of the partnership are that we are able to work in a spirit of collaboration. We are better able to support young people through excellence in advice and guidance to choose the right options for their post-16 education and through this we can support the successful progression of Y11 students to higher education and into the world of work.

Usman Mapara, Head teacher at Tawhid Boys School:
"We are delighted to become partners of BSix. We believe this partnership to be a great way forward for our students into higher education ensuring the quality of education remains at its highest level. This partnership will help raise the standard of education locally keeping our pupils in the Borough and raising achievement in our institutions. We are committed to raising the aspirations of our young people and to provide them with opportunities to improve their life chances. We have in the process developed partnerships with a range of organisations and external agencies. Being a small community school we have cherished the opportunity of working with the public sector and have enjoyed the true positive response from them giving our pupils the experiences they fully deserve. We are committed to work in partnership with all our partners and we are sure this is going to be one that continues to build and be a great model for others to follow in the future. Our partnership is built on good trust, mutual understanding and a real commitment to achieving success."

Our children are our future.