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A Level Business Studies

Studying Business at BSix
Fancy yourself a leader of a successful business? Or maybe you want to work for a large company by working in marketing, finance or management? No matter what your vision, the Business Studies A Level course gives you an incredibly powerful start to launch you on to becoming a business personality. All the key topics of starting and running a business are covered. Armed with this knowledge, maybe you could be giving Sir Alan Sugar a run for his money in a few years’ time.

You will have the opportunity to build knowledge and understanding of the main business concepts and apply these to case studies. You will gain an insight into how small and large businesses operate and build extended essay writing skills, assemble data and assess it. You will also participate in class discussions and sharing of ideas.

What will I learn?
At AS Level Business Studies you will investigate issues of starting a business, including financial planning. You will focus on how established businesses might improve their effectiveness by making tactical decisions at a functional level considering Finance, People in Business, Operation Management Marketing and Competition.

At A2 Level Business Studies you will build on that solid knowledge-base with another two main learning topics. You will investigate strategies for larger businesses and how managers might measure the performance of the business. Finally, you will consider the effects that external factors can have on businesses and how a business can plan for and manage change, including leadership style and change in business culture.

Beyond the classroom
However your learning will not be restricted to the classroom - you will also have the opportunity to take part in visits to student conferences, the square mile, Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange.

Also, if you are interested in progression to University and you wish to work more closely with a particular University during your time as a BSix student, you can apply to gain a place on one of our Hackney University Extension programmes organised by our Raising Aspirations team. We are in partnership with many universities including several of the top ‘Russell group’ Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Kings and Queen Marys.

You may want to embark on a career in finance, marketing or management. You could work for a corporation or maybe a management consultancy. All businesses and institutes need people with sound business skills as their back bone to success. Students who take Business Studies often also study Accounting, Economics or Mathematics. But students committed to the arts or sciences should also consider taking Business Studies in this cost-centred world.

Recommended websites and reading
Business week – great website for business news and features http://www.businessweek.com/
Bized - Excellent website full of useful information and resources, including an internet catalogue, learning material, business data and company facts, free resources; textbooks to buy and rent, Virtual worlds include the economy, a factory and a farm. http://www.bized.co.uk/
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'Anyone Can Do It: My Story' By Duncan Bannatyne (Author)

If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry
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