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A Level Economics

Studying Economics at BSix
The reason economics is the title of an area of study and a word used to describe saving money or generally being efficient with your resources is because economics and economists start from a basic assumption about the whole world…

The big assumption
Economists assume that we all have unlimited ‘wants’. If that is true we then ask whether the world can provide to meet those ‘wants’. It can't for two reasons:-

  • if wants are really infinite ie endless then by definition they can't all be satisfied
  • the world doesn't contain infinite resources

Given that we can't have or do everything, we end up having to make choices. So you can think of economics as the study (or science) of making choices.

Economists have views (often conflicting) on virtually everything from whether it is worth your while being at this college, to how to deal with the recent financial crises.

The skills required for Economics are a high level of numeracy, problem solving and the ability to communicate clearly with different groups of people. These skills together with a thorough knowledge of the workings of the economic system which affects so many aspects of our lives (both personal and in work) make you very employable.

If are interested in how the world works and enjoy lively debates about how it ought to work, Economics should appeal to you. You will study a range of topics including: Markets – how they work and why they fail and Managing the economy. The teaching and learning style utilises discussions, debates and developing the knowledge and understanding to interpret graphs.

How you are assessed
A Level Economics is assessed purely through exams, with four exams in total; two at the end of the first year and two at the end of the second year. Throughout the course you will have regular homework as well as in class tests and assessments to make sure you are properly prepared for these final exams.

Beyond the classroom
If you are interested in progression to University, our Raising Aspirations team organise excellent speakers, events and university trips. If you wish to work more closely with a particular University during your time as a BSix student, you can apply to gain a place on one of our Hackney University Extension programmes. We are in partnership with many universities including several of the top ‘Russell group’ Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Kings and Queen Marys.

It is possible to study economics at degree level, but an A Level in economics will also lend itself to progression onto a range of business related University courses.

Recommended reading and website
Have a look at this website for a great introduction: www.whystudyeconomics.ac.uk
Otherwise, read the papers without stopping at the financial bit!

If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry
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