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A Level Physics
Studying A Level Physics at BSix

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us and the world beyond us. From developing theories of the universe to developing sustainable energy solutions; healing joints to curing cancer, Physics is the most basic and fundamental science that underpins all other sciences.

A level Physics is an animated, lively course that is taught through a combination of experimental investigation and classroom learning. You will build upon existing knowledge of the subject and will develop a further understanding of key topics such as mechanics, atomic structure and the Newtonian World.  

Many students find it helpful to study A level Mathematics alongside A level physics, due to the strong mathematical principles used to explain physical discoveries and ideas.

The science department has a wide range of cutting edge facilities to aid students’ learning, including high-quality virtual oscilloscopes and the latest digital video cameras. The department also benefits from a variety of classical apparatus, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of traditional models and principles.

Physics beyond the Classroom
Academic staff often organise visits to exhibitions and events in order to promote students’ knowledge and engagement with the subject.

Students at BSix have the opportunity to join the Hackney University Extension (link) programme, in collaboration with a range of Universities including Cambridge and York. The project aims to give students an insight into the world of higher education, to the rigours of university study and the admissions process.

BSix is dedicated to the success of all students, which is why every student in need of extra support and guidance has the opportunity to attend additional workshops and revision sessions.

An A Level qualification in Physics is a strong foundation for progression onto many different courses at University, including engineering, mathematics, medicine and finance. Students who continue to study Physics at University have the opportunity to progress into a wide range of sectors when entering the world of work. Physics plays a crucial role in the development of cutting-edge technology, from high-performance racing equipment to the latest smart phone – physics is at the heart of the world’s most important technological and scientific advances.

Recommended Reading:
Access to Advanced level Physics   ISBN 0-7487-2335-8
The specification for OCR Physics A, past paper questions and formulae books can all be found on the OCR website:
OCR Physics A specification
OCR Physics A past papers
OCR Physics A formulae book

If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry
There are three physics teachers at BSix, who each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles. Our physics teachers are passionate about creating new and engaging methods of teaching and have recently introduced mobile and web applications to teach selected course content. Students have also conducted exciting experiments using microscopes attached to camera phones.