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Drama and Theatre Studies

Studying Drama and Theatre Studies at BSix


  • Because you enjoy theatre, creating theatre, performing theatre, learning about theatre, discussing theatre, writing about theatre – and going to the theatre!
  • Because you want to be involved in a subject that includes practical work physical, vocal, emotional & artistic in groups, leading to performances.
  • Because you are also interested in studying play texts and practitioners, analysing them closely and writing essays about them.
  • Because ou are interested in the roles of the director, designer and playwright, as well as the actor
    As well as providing you with the basis for further academic study, studying Drama makes a great contribution to the development of your communication skills, self-motivation and confidence; skills that you will being using for the rest of your life!

AS Level Drama and Theatre
Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre

  • You will study two contrasting plays in the light of different Theatre Practitioners like Brecht, Berkoff, Stanislavski, Brook and Artaud.
  • You will gain a broad sense of different styles of theatre and a sense of the evolution of theatre through history.
  • You explore different theatrical genres like naturalism, epic and contemporary theatre.

The sessions are practical and will allow you to not only develop your knowledge, but also your ability as a performer and a practitioner in your own right!

Unit 2: Text in Performance
You will then put what you have learned into practice in a performance module where you have the opportunity to work as part of a theatre company to produce a performance for an invited audience. You will work as an actor or a designer, and the play will be directed by your teacher. You are also required to performance a monologue (solo piece) or duologue (paired performance); this will show the examiner your strengths as an actor.

The AS year also gives you the opportunity to see some live professional theatre and put yourself in the shoes of a reviewer. You will write a live performance evaluation about the production we see, writing critically about the performance.

A2 Drama and Theatre Studies
Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance

In the A2 year, you will work in groups to devise your own piece of theatre. You will be given a stimulus that will inspire you piece of theatre, and you will perform this to an examiner. The work done in the AS year will inform you in how to approach your devised piece, using styles and influences from different practitioners.

Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context
The A2 year finishes with a written exam where you are required to prepare a director's vision of a given play. You will explore the play practically from the point of view of a director, which will give you the material to answer the exam about.
You will also see a production of a play that you are required to compare the Original Performance Conditions of.

If you have any questions about our courses please contact the Admissions team on 0800 3892 947 or via e-mail to info@bsix.ac.uk and we will arrange for a curriculum specialist to respond to your enquiry
Beyond the classroom
Throughout both AS and A2 years, specialists and theatre practitioners are invited into BSix to share their knowledge with you, the students. These are fantastic opportunities to see how professionals in the field work, and share with you so that you can use their techniques.
In addition there will be opportunities to experience a wide range of live theatre performances.


There is one teacher who is a subject specialist, with a degree in Drama from the University of Hull. She has worked in fringe theatres and directed a sell-out professional production on London's fringe. She is passionate about the subject and visits the theatre often.

What are the entry requirements?
The general entry requirements for studying at Advanced Level apply, and must include a minimum of grade C in English GCSE. You will also need a readiness to involve yourself
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