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The East End Classics Centre organises an exciting programme of Classics related events, and invites students studying all qualifications to learn more about the ancient world. Students can take part in the Ancient Greek and Latin Club, attend lectures and seminars delivered by Russell Group Academics, act in a Greek tragedy, learn how to design Roman togas, and spend an afternoon sketching priceless archaeological artefacts.

The Library of the Ancient World is a reference library for students wishing to study Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology in more depth. It hosts a collection of specialist academic texts donated to BSix by university lecturers. Students can also use the Library of the Ancient World in the run up to examinations. Many find that its quiet environment and fascinating décor offer the perfect place for intensive study.

The East End Classics Centre is run from ‘The Red Room’, BSix’s little bit of the University of Oxford in Hackney. It is designed to look like a traditional Oxford don’s study, and is complete with chandeliers and leather chairs. We want students who come to BSix to be comfortable with the university environment before they even apply to UCAS! The room gives students the chance to work in an exciting, and perhaps unfamiliar, environment. It is also home to the East End Classics Centre and the Library of the Ancient World.

For more information email: Naomi Littlejohn, Learning Beyond the Classroom Coordinator (Classics and Politics) (nlittlejohn@bsix.ac.uk).