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Welcome to the university for teachers site. BSix is committed to the professional development of its staff. In particular, it is seeking to integrate professional development in everyday practice rather than relying on big, "one off", events which are often externally delivered. Our ambition is to have teachers teaching teachers, so that learning takes place all the time and as much informally as formally.

In addition, it is crucial that we regard teaching and learning as high-level intellectual activities and we keep continually up to date with the newest developments in both policy and practice.

This site is, therefore, open for all BSix staff to share resources, ideas and best practice.

Below is a playlist of a lectures delivered to BSix staff on "The Comprehensive Ideal" by Professor Ken Spours of the Institute of Education and Graham Griffiths on how to embed numeracy in the curriculum.

Here is the power point to accompany Professor Spours' lecture.

On Thursday 17th January 2013 Ken Warman, BSix's Principal, and Dr Peter Claus, Pembroke College Oxford's Access Fellow and close friend of BSix, spoke in opposition to a motion that " Oxbridge has failed Britain". Almost 500 students listened to an impassioned argument. Read more


Sharing Best Practice, December 18th 2015
The teaching departments at BSix are running am innovative programme of teacher-led Continuous Professional Development(CPD). Every term the departments share what they have been doing with each other. This film features sessions run by:-
Simon Tracey, Team Leader in the Humanities department
Fiona O'Connor, Teaching Fellow in Creative Industries
Sam Hawkins, Teaching Fellow in Heath & Social Care