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  Marita Pavila   Djofry Makumbu,

Ex-BSix Art Foundation student, Djofry Makumbu, has won a year-long residency for his animated film about street life. Djofry Makumbu, 21, a recent graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London, has been awarded the ALUMNO/SPACE award.

He was introduced to the University via its Summer School programme and has since gone on to complete a BA in Fine Art this year. He has been recognised for his 2017 final year project, Dreams. His award-winning degree show project was influenced by his upbringing in east London. The multimedia installation features digital and stop motion animation, video, sculpture, painting and performance. It tackles a range of subjects including street culture, hip-hop and drug abuse. His prize is a year-long residency in a studio in Old Southwark Town Hall, Camberwell. The studio rental is supported with a year’s salary from the Department of Art at Goldsmiths.

The Goldsmiths Summer School aims to encourage local London teenagers with a talent for art to experience what it’s like to study at university. Students who would be the first in their family to attend Higher Education, like Djofry, are prioritised. Run over two weeks in the Goldsmiths art studios, the course encourages students to create work with found materials, experiment with new methods, attend critical studies, gallery visits and make a final exhibition. Djofry was part of the programme in 2014 after meeting Goldsmiths staff at his foundation college, BSix in Hackney, and impressing with his stop-motion animation about the New York Graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. He went on to study the BA Fine Art course, at Goldsmiths, specialising in animation, ceramics, painting, music and live performance.

  Marita Pavila   Marita Pavila,

Marita joined BSix in September 2010 on a Level 2 BTEC in Music Technology. She successfully
progressed to achieve on her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology, and in 2013 went on to study at University.

Marita said of her time at BSix:
'During my tenure at BSix I found that teachers were the most inspiring and supportive people I've ever met and that the music and arts department was really rich with diverse teachers. I went to BSix with aspirations and dreams to gain more knowledge in music. I came from pretty much zero to a lot more understanding of the technology and music itself.

The course, I believe had a good balance between academic and practical assignments and the teachers were very hands on and helpful. I began the course slightly lost with what exactly I wanted to become in the music industry. Through the assignments and with the support of the teachers I finished the college knowing exactly what I wanted to be. Their judgment and encouragement helped me and motivated me to look into an area of the industry I had not though about.


  Lemuel Appiah   Lemuel Appiah,

Lemuel Appiah joined BSix Sixth Form College in September 2009 progressing from Lister School in Newham. He enrolled onto a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology and A-level Drama.

Lemuel entered BSix with an average GCSE point score of only 4.4, but during his time here he flourished both in and beyond the classroom. In summer 2011 he graduated from BSix with a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology as well as Drama A-level (C grade) and went on initially to study a combined Honours course in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies with
English Literature at Roehampton University.

The most fascinating and unique part of Lemuel's story is his involvement with extra curricula opportunities during his time at BSix and what these have led to…

During his first year he formed a band, Soul Fly, with some of his fellow music students. BSix then supported Lemz and SoulFly to start a Young Enterprise project in which they set up their own record label. Young Enterprise is the UK's largest business and enterprise education charity and they work with students to give them practical experience of running their own company. Guided by a business advisor from the charity, over one academic year our "Soul Fly" students worked to raise capital by selling shares in their record company, set up as a subsidiary of Young Enterprise. This experience put Lemuel and his band a step ahead of the competition as they gained real work related learning skills (and credits towards achieving the BSix Sixth Form baccalaureate!)

In his second year, Lemuel along with four other BSix music students (a group called HD) were put forward by the Music department to work with a music video production company called Plastic Horse. HD and Lemz created the music and performed in the video which was filmed at BSix College during the Easter holidays 2011. The video is called "Goodnight" by HD feat Lemz and can be seen on YouTube. Lemz commented on this experience saying…

'What we learnt from working with a professional music industry company was just incredible! This was something we really wanted to do and so we spoke with our Head of Department about this possibility… We were nervous at the start of the shoot, but the performance opportunities that we had already experienced through the Learning Beyond the Classroom department at BSix gave us the confidence we needed.'

Soon after graduating from BSix (2011), Lemuel and some of the Soul Fly band members entered a talent show in Haringey. The audience response was overwhelming and they were invited to perform at the O2 Academy at a "Gateway to the Industry" event. Here they were spotted by "Blast Beat International Management Company" who approached them back stage to sign them up! They accepted and signed with Blast Beat as "So'Fly" and started to work closely with them to develop their music and raise their profile.

Lemz commented on his BSix College experience saying…
'The teaching methods at BSix are both entertaining and intimate, teachers engage with students on a one to one basis regularly. It is a very sociable and comfortable community; staff listen and encourage the students to discover their creativity. BSix College listens to the students, allowing them to explore and gives them the chance to strive and achieve personal dreams!'

Four Years on… What has happened since BSix and what are you doing now?
We recently got back in touch with Lemuel to find out what he was up to and he quickly responded with the following fascinating story:

'Oh how I've missed BSix! Arguably the best 2 years of my life I achieved so much and gained so many skills; I couldn't be more grateful for what everyone at the college did for me. I would love to pass on words of advice as well as my journey since leaving to motivate the new crop of creative and academic students. Since leaving BSix in 2011 the past 5 years have been extremely eventful but it is a story worth telling…'

Shortly after leaving college, I had begun my combined honour in Drama Theatre Studies, Performance Studies and English Literature at Roehampton University; however everything I had worked for musically while at BSix had finally paid dividend as So'Fly (the super music group which we formed in college, through Young Enterprise) received a recording contract with Virgin/EMI Records and I quickly dropped out of Uni as a result of this. It was the stuff of dreams: one moment you're making music in your bedroom with friends, having to borrow a good sounding mic from college then next minute you're in a boardroom with the walls plastered with record plaques of some of the biggest musicians ever! …discussing how to take YOUR music to the next level… it was such a surreal feeling. Being a signed artist was amazing, we were paid for every live show we did, club appearances and we recorded in some beautiful studios.

However that was short lived, as the group began to grow distant; egos began to clash and the level of commitment slowly took a nose dive and as a result the group was dropped and we parted ways with our management company too. It was a very humbling experience, my only regret was the contract came 5 years too early.

After the record deal collapsed I really struggled to accept that things were going to change, I had to find something to do. It was the lowest I've ever felt because music was all I knew and I felt betrayed by my friends who I built the group with, because I blamed them for shattering my dream. I would go days without going out and answering calls.

Eventually, I decided to go back to University to study fashion as I was always complimented for my style. I did a HNC in Fashion Business at London College of Contemporary Art. After finishing that I still wasn't satisfied and I went from one poorly paid job to another …these were the most forgetful years of my life.

After having a dreadful few years I decided that I needed to start to really think about what I really wanted to do. I knew I couldn't go on like this, so I thought it would be a good idea to work and study at the same time; so mid 2014 I applied for a 12 month apprenticeship programme at Prudential plc. The idea of kick starting my life, working a 9-5 in corporate London and having a steady income really appealed to me. After a string of interviews I was accepted onto the programme. A fantastic experience to say the least as I was able to attended many corporate social events, high profile meetings and worked closely with the directors of the company.

The Future
Due to the success of the apprenticeship I was offered a temporary contract with Prudential but as this draws to a close, I am now deciding on my next career move. I feel have a great story to share and I want to continue to inspire young people informing them about apprenticeships and university and what the best option might be for them. There is a growing debate about University and Apprenticeships and I would like to tell my story because I am someone who has done both! They say never give up on your dream; so from corporate London I am right now back in the studio recording my EP which will be filled with a string of videos. 2016 looks to be a very promising year for me.

  Hetal Naker   Hetal Naker,
(BSix student alumni now salon manager at Top1One Hairdressers in Mayfair!)

Hetal Nakar studied at BSix Sixth Form College from 2008 – 2011. She originally started on an AS Level programme, but transferred to study Beauty therapy. Described as a motivated student by her teachers, she achieved high grades at Level 2 and progressed onto Level 3 Beauty which she took alongside an additional BTEC Work Skills qualification during her final year.

Hetal has said how grateful she is for the support, guidance and additional opportunities
provided by BSix. She had originally felt pressured in to studying A-levels but these were
not best suited to her. She describes how she thrived as soon as she started on her Beauty
course and was inspired by the salon learning environment and the multitude of work
related learning experiences.

Hetal's Sixth Form journey is another example of how the additional BSeven Extended College opportunities that helped her to gain confidence and wider skills have ultimately given her the competitive edge in gaining employment. Hetal participated in both the "World of Work" opportunities at BSix, studying and achieving her Work Skills qualification and she was also a student voice leader through her participation in the Learning Advocacy programme.

Evelyn Chronicle, BSix Student Voice coordinator describes Hetal's contributions and
achievements as follows:
"Hetal had always been an extremely dedicated course representative since 2009.  Due to the interest she showed in student voice and her potential for development she was invited to come and observe some of the Learning Advocate training sessions and meetings in the final term of that academic year. She was smitten and so decided to join the program. Throughout 2010-11 Hetal was a key member of the group readily taking on challenges presented and she swiftly developed confidence and communication skills.  Hetal presented during Principal's Question time and also worked effectively as a part of the team to collate and analyse data from initial student questionnaires. Following this she successfully created and delivered a presentation to our management team.  She then went on to participate in the training programme delivered by our Deputy Principal, Philip Elliot, to be a student inspector. Hetal was a key member of the Learning Advocate group who were selected to plan and carry out the student-led inspection of BSix in March 2011. Overall she was a very keen Learning Advocate always seeking ways to develop herself and always showing a high level of reliability, commitment and maturity. 
She was also supportive of her teammates and demonstrated good leadership potential."

Hetal put her experiences and leadership and team-work skills to good use after graduating from BSix last summer (2011) securing herself a job as the Salon manager at Top1One
Hairdressers in Mayfair (opposite The Ritz Hotel!).

  Amede Ogbehase Unuabona   Amede Ogbehase Unuabona,
(Courses Studied: Music Technology Drama & Theatre Studies Art & Design)

College Experience: My friends and family were surprised that I chose BSix as it meant travelling out of my home borough of Newham to study. However, a few close friends of mine studied there and recommended BSix. From the moment I arrived, I had a positive and a very productive two years. The tutors on all my courses were brilliant and what I appreciated most about them was their eagerness to help, listen and advise me with anything I needed, especially career wise.

The other element of BSix that appealed to me was the amazing facilities to enhance our learning experiences. The College boasts a great theatre space and fitness facility in which I spent a lot of time; but what really made me smile were the music facilities. A music studio space in which I spent hours of my time (if this was elsewhere, privately, the amount of time I spent in there would have cost a lot of money!) the microphone selection was really good too, I always used to look at AKG C414's in magazines but to use one was a bonus!

BSix is a diverse college and the social possibilities available are endless. By being an active member of the student body, my relationships with people multiplied and strengthened. I had a positive experience at BSix and it's always a joy to come back and visit old faces.

What are you doing now? I'm currently studying Creative Music Technology at Canterbury Christ Church University. I will soon be working with the Red Bull Music Academy London 2010, as an equipment room manager in the Red Bull studios, which I am very pleased about. Other than that, I am always creating music, recording and mixing.

Future Aspirations: I want to be a Personal Mixing Engineer, I also want to pursue my career as an artist and develop a new sound in music, "painting a new colour" as I call it. I might dive into Mastering later in life, and eventually, I hope to run an academy where I scout for a handful of artists in the UK and help them hone their musical abilities.