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  Ariane Cardoso   Ariane Cardoso,

Ariane progressed to BSix from Holloway School in September 2010, enrolling onto the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. She achieved very good grades and was able to go on to study a … course at Leeds University. During her course she had the opportunity to spend a year of study abroad! Ariane was able to spend this time in Brazil working and learning at the same time in a business management role.

  Mahmoud   Mujibur Rahman,

Mujibur first came to Bsix Sixth Form College in 2012. He previously went to Swanlea School which is based in Whitechapel. When he was in secondary school he loved learning new ICT skills, so in his own time he created and designed many websites games and apps for his friends. He wasn't always successful at first, however he was sufficiently self-motivated to keep trying until he found the solution.

Mujibur came to BSix to study 'BTEC Level 2 Diploma in IT'. He was a very polite but shy student. However, his passion for the subject gave him the confidence and determination to work hard and achieve. Mujibur completed the course and achieved a Distinction* and in 2013 he progressed internally onto BTEC level 3 IT.

Whilst studying Advanced level at BSix, Mujibur also applied to become one of the College's Student Voice Leaders, a BSix Learning Advocate. As a Learning Advocate he represented the student voice and was trained in many activities such as observing lessons, shadowing Heads of Department and delivering presentations. He was part of the select group that was invited to present to the College Governors, Principal and Senior Management team.

Mujibur excelled in all the work he did and this was acknowledged by his peer group. He was always willing to help other students and teachers when they needed any assistance. Mujbur faced many challenges throughout his College life, but through hard work he always overcame them. He completed BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT achieving D*D*D*, the highest grade on the course and has gone on to study Computing at the University of Leicester. Mujibur was a remarkable student with an excellent attitude and a wonderful example to all of what you can achieve with hard work and perseverance.