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Celebrating Student Success
  Deborah Owusu-Amoah   Deborah Owusu-Amoah,
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Media

Deborah was nominated for an award because of her exemplary and mature attitude towards her work. Deborah is hard working, meticulous and at all times strives to do her very best. She has a caring nature and personality which enables her to work well with her peers. She has demonstrated leadership skills on many occasions and is determined to succeed.

Deborah progressed onto her current course from the 1st year of the Level 3 90 credit diploma in Media Studies. Her previous education was at Ghana Christian International High School.
Outside the classroom Deborah is a Radio Presenter as well as a DJ and is involved in acting and dancing. Her future plans are to study Radio and TV production at university and to gain employment at the BBC as a radio presenter and DJ.

  Denisa Stoidonov   Denisa Stoidonov,
Level 2 Women's Hair Dressing

Denisa was nominated for the best attendance, excellent work and someone who naturally and
willingly supports her peers in the classroom. The work Denisa produces is always to an exceptional standard and she is always ready and willing to learn. Prior to joining BSix Denisa attended Skinners Academy. She mentioned liking BSix College and is enjoying the fact that she has chosen the right course.

In her spare time Denisa likes to sing and sometimes participates in sports but she is most passionate about hairdressing and making people look and feel good. Her future plans are to progress onto level three hairdressing and she would like to own a hairdressing salon in the future.

Her tutor states that it is a pleasure to see such flair, skill and passion and it is these attributes that will help her progress and achieve well in her studies and in her future career.

  Georgi Krastev   Georgi Krastev,
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology

Georgi was nominated for the excellent effort that he has shown towards his studies. Georgi has to work harder than others to grasp concepts and terminology as English is not his first language. After a period of ill health in which he missed several weeks of college, his attendance has been exemplary.

Georgi attended Forest Pathway College in Walthamstow for a year before enrolling at BSix on the Foundation Learning E3/L1 Performing Arts pathway course. Prior to this Georgi was living and studying in Bulgaria.

Georgi is an accomplished singer and has performed extensively in his native Bulgaria. He has dozens of certificates from his performances and competitions. He is featured in this documentary about Bulgarian singing and culture at 9m25s:

Georgi wants to study world history at University, and is especially interested in Victorian history.

  Kieran Holness-Williams   Kieran Holness-Williams,
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Technology

Kieran was nominated because of his outstanding work in a new unit which featured the use of new music technology applications and devices. Kieran demonstrated an inquisitive attitude throughout the project and as a consequence, took it upon himself to learn parts of the software with total independence. He also supported his peers by teaching them from his own methods of working.

Kieran attended Broomfield School and started at BSix on Level 2 Music and is now in his final year on the level 3 extended diploma.

Kieran wants to work as a freelance music composer and is looking into finding work experience in a recording studio to start as a studio assistant.

  Ridhwan Khan   Ridhwan Khan,
Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design

An exemplary hard-working student! Ridhwan is in his final year at BSix having previously studied A-Levels at Leyton Sixth form College.

Ridhwan's father was brought up in a small village in Bangladesh and was always interested in construction and architecture - something better and nicer than what was around him in his small village. By the time he and his family arrived in England, he felt he was too old and busy supporting his family to pursue his dream. Growing up, as the oldest child, Ridhwan always knew that and it is what inspired him to study Art and Design. His ambition is to go to one of the top Art universities, study Architecture and fulfil his father's dream and make him proud.

After obtaining his degree in Architecture, he plans to travel to Bangladesh, his father's homeland, to work as an architect, creating better Bangladesh through designing beautiful buildings there.

  Shahad Abdul   Shahad Abdul,
Level 3 90-Credit Diploma in Media

Shahad has almost 100 percent attendance and he is the most conscientious student we have. He commits fully to all tasks and is driven, tenacious and has a strong ambition to succeed as well as being very popular with his peers as a consequence of his laid back and friendly disposition.

This is Shahad's first year on a Media course at BSix having previously completed a Business BTEC at Level 2.

He is not absolutely sure of his progression route just yet, but most likely it will be to study film production at university.