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Celebrating Student Success
  Constance Tuffour Polley   Constance Tuffour Polley,

Progress Award Winner Constance Tuffour Polley is in her final year at BSix studying A2 Government and Politics, History and Religious Studies. Her teachers have praised the standard of her work on many occasions, for example: History teacher Lucy Capes commented saying, ‘Genuinely outstanding presentation today by Constance on the decolonisation of Ghana that educated her peers and teacher. It was well researched and academic yet included personal historical accounts and even a song!’

  Dylan Chung   Dylan Chung,

Progress Award winner Dylan Chung is in his final year at BSix studying A2 Anthropology, Government and Politics and History. He has been commended by his teachers for his hard work, excellent presentation skills and thorough research.


  George Muana   George Muana,

Progress Award winner George Muana arrived in the UK in 2015 and enrolled onto the Humanities GCSE package at BSix College. He has made an excellent start to his BSix journey both in his studies and with his near perfect 99% attendance.

  Michael Holomah   Michael Holomah,

Progress Award winner Michael Holomah arrived in the UK in 2015 and enrolled onto the Humanities GCSE package at BSix. He has been commended in all his work and a special mention for History: ‘Michael achieved a Progress in History certificate for his outstanding contribution to debate. He had clearly read beyond the core text and demonstrated impressive independent thinking.’

  Jihan Abow   Rhys Chung,

Progress Award Winner Rhys Chung is in his first year at BSix studying A-Level Economics, History, Maths and Physics. His teachers recommended him for this award due to his high standards of work, attendance and commitment to his studies.