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Celebrating Student Success
  Abdelilah Afdel   Abdelilah Afdel,

Abdelilah attended Highbury Grove School prior to commencing his studies at BSix College in September 2014. He enrolled onto an A-Level study programme including Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. In summer 2015 he sat 16 exam units and achieved 7 A grades, 8 B grades and 1 C grade across all papers. Since then he has progressed to study A2 Maths,
Further Maths and Physics.

This academic year has seen Abdelilah not only continuing to excel in his studies, but he has also made a fantastic contribution to College life through his role as a student Ambassador. He was the main Science and Maths representative at the Skills London event on Saturday 14 November assisting teacher, Mike O'Brien at the BSix STEM stand. Mike commented on his performance at the event, saying:

'He was there all day, right to the end, and was helpful in every way possible. He was also inspiring for the other young people who visited the stand and were very interested in the Physics activities that he helped them with. He is a great ambassador for the College.'

The Science and Maths department subsequently nominated him for a Progress Award, stating the reasons as:

'Abdilelah has been the most enthusiastic student in classes this year. He always has an interesting question to ask and has valuable contributions to make to class discussion. He has also volunteered to demonstrate experiments in the Physics lab at Open Evenings and to help other students at intervention sessions. He volunteered to assist at the College STEM stall at the 2015 Skills London event at the Excel Centre. He gave up a whole Saturday to help the many visitors with their activities and keep the resources and experiments in good order. He was a very inspiring presence for the young people who were attracted to the stall.'

  James Corney   James Corney,

James attended Highams Park School prior to BSix and enrolled as a late starter around the middle of September due to his course being oversubscribed when he first attended open enrolment. Despite starting late with a couple of weeks' worth of work to catch up on, James instantly approached his course with a strong work ethic and a determination not to remain or fall behind. He quickly made a positive impact on his class and his teachers and was suitably rewarded by being nominated for one of the prestigious University Progress Awards at the end of the autumn term.

One of his teachers, Jack Hughes, commented on James and the reasons why he is so deserving of this recognition:

'James is an enthusiastic and passionate student with a very friendly and approachable nature. He is the epitome of a model student. He is involved with St John ambulance and feels strongly about the development of first aid in schools; which is a testament to his caring nature. He was even commended for his brave reactions to a medical emergency during the rugby world cup, an action many would shy from. James goes above and beyond to enrich his education. He consistently attends university open days and completes online training courses to broaden his knowledge of both education and political topics. These have all contributed to and enabled him to become the well-rounded and respected student he is now. He is not only a strong ambassador for his course but for the college as well and should be very proud of himself.'

  Noriko Ohno   Noriko Ohno,

Noriko joined BSix from overseas in September 2015 enrolling onto an A-level study programme in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as GCSE English language. Her exceptional work resulted in her making an excellent impression on her teachers and she was subsequently nominated for a University Progress Award in December 2015.

Her chemistry teacher, Angela Liiv, commented saying: 'Noriko has an outstanding attendance record and is a very personable and conscientious student. She always completes all
of her work to deadline and has achieved excellent grades in all of her key assessments which means she is working well above her Minimum Acceptable Grade (MAG). She is well-liked by her peers and is more than happy to help other students if required. Well done Noriko!'


  Meiling Lin   Meiling Lin,

Progress Award Winner Meiling Lin is in her final year at BSix studying A2 Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. She commenced her studies with us in 2013-14 on a mixed programme of GCSEs and A-level Maths. Having achieved exceptional grades she progressed to a full A-level programme the following year and her hard work and high grades have continued consistently since!

  Olasoji Ajayi   Olasoji Ajayi,

Progress Award Winner Olasoji Ajayi is in his first year at BSix arriving from abroad. He is studying the GCSE STEM pathway programme. His excellent work ethic and attendance (98%) have earned him this award.

  Jihan Abow   Jihan Abow,

Progress Award Winner Jihan Abow is in her final year at BSix studying A2 Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Her teachers recommended her for this award due to her high standards of work, attendance and commitment to her studies.

  Samiat Alabi   Samiat Alabi,

Progress Award winner Samiat Alabi is in her first year at BSix studying A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. She has made a great start to her BSix experience and her consistent high standards of work resulted in her being recommended for a progress award.

  Salwa Alamin   Salwa Alamin,

Progress award winner Salwa Alamin is in her first year at BSix having progressed from City and Islington College. She is studying the GCSE STEM programme at BSix as well as A-Level Maths. She has made a great start to her studies here!