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  Sevim Dogan   Sevim Dogan,

Sevim studied at Islington Green School which has now changed its name to the City of London Academy. After finishing secondary school she explained that she was really confused about what to study next and as her Science grades were really good had decided to go to Westminster Kingsway College to study A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. However, the A-levels were only based on exams which she realised were not for her. So after hearing very positive feedback about BSix from close friends she decided to visit to find out what Uniformed Public Services was all about and finding a real interest in this subject area she decided to enrol at BSix College onto a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services in September 2010.

Sevim spoke about her course at BSix saying,
"This course really related to aspects of what I went on to study at Middlesex University, which was a BA degree in Criminology. This included modules such as 'the Criminal Justice System which I was taught the basics of whilst in BSix. The Public Services course at BSix was definitely the right choice for me as it was based only on coursework and involved a lot of practical work. We went to a military site to go through the recruitment process and had a trip to Lancashire, Rock and River where we completed many activities like rock climbing and camping. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had. On another trip, we went to the Police Station in Hackney to act as a custody officer which was also very interesting and really helped me to decide on my future career. My goal is to become a Police officer and the visit to the Police Station led me to gain a volunteer job as a front counter officer in the Station. This really benefited me as I saw different job roles which I had previously been unaware of. BSix College helped me to develop and put things in place to better prepare me for my future career. I can say I really gained valuable experience and really enjoyed
my studies!"

Sevim has now successfully completed her 3 year degree in Criminology and said that she found it fascinating to study various concepts and to learn to analyse and critically appraise criminological theories and to look at why people commit crime.

  Elizabeth Reid   Elizabeth Reid,

We are extremely proud of the achievements of all our students and we try to keep in touch with as many as possible when they progress on to university or into work.

This term's newsletter is featuring ex-student Elizabeth Reid. Elizabeth attended Walthamstow School for Girls before coming to BSix where she studied A-levels in Biology, Media and Sports. Elizabeth started playing volleyball through school at the age of 13 and has never stopped. After BSix she was successful in getting a place to study at a college in the USA where her volleyball prowess has thrived! So here are a few facts about Elizabeth for you sports fans out there…

  Taskin   Taskin Uluc,
( BND Public Services student and Student Union executive member)

How would you describe your experience at BSix so far?
"Teaching and learning could never be better. The environment, the teachers and the students are here for one purpose: education. I have never seen such teachers and staff. They are truly motivated to help students. I have experienced an excellent college!"

What do you think of BSix as a college?
"One word is enough to describe BSix : phenomenal. BSix is where students have their own say about the teaching, learning and the environment. A very diverse college and the best at supporting equal opportunities."