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  Shabaz Khan   Shabaz Khan,

Shabaz attended Homerton College of Technology from 2003-2005 and after its closure, completed his secondary education at Stepney Green Maths and Computing College. He then joined BSix in 2009 enrolling onto A Level Government and Politics, A Level Sociology, A Level English Literature and Language and AS Level Media Studies.

Of his time at BSix, Shabaz says:
'BSix played a significant factor in my progression as a student. The teachers at BSix instilled in me a sense of confidence which is still with me to this day. I thank them for giving me great opportunities; most notably the Save the EMA Campaign which allowed me to be part of a team campaigning together against a
government decision.'

After BSix, Shabaz progressed to study a BA Hons in Politics at the University of Greenwich where he found that the skills he had developed at BSix were essential to his success at university. As a Politics student he found it was imperative to be up to date with current affairs, confident in expressing his views and opinions in university seminars and to have the skills to present to the class.

At university, Shabaz also became a founding member and the Director of Operations at MyLifeMySay; which is a non-profit organisation aiming to get more young people involved in politics. Wonderfully, Shabaz was able to 'give back' to BSix by developing a working relationship with the College and 'MyLifeMySay' to inspire and empower future students just as he had been during his time at BSix.

Shabaz said that for him, the best thing about university was, 'Meeting people from various backgrounds which allowed me to learn about different cultures. Engaging in political debates during seminars which gave me the platform to share my views and opinions and the modules taught throughout both degrees matured me as an individual and prompted me to think more rationally in conversations and debates.'

After his degree, Shabaz went on to complete an Masters in Public Policy and Practice (2014-2015) and he is now working as Chief Policy Officer for MyLifeMySay.

When asked what advice he had now for current sixth form students, he said, 'Make sure you get involved in extracurricular activities throughout college and university and enjoy the experience!'

  Susan Ozcan   Susan Ozcan,

Susan attended Woodside High School in Haringey and enrolled at BSix in September 2011 onto A-levels in Drama, English language and literature, Film and Media. She passed with good grades and progressed to Roehampton University in 2013 to study a combined degree in Drama and Film.

What are you doing now?
Right now I am in my Third year and final term at university studying film and drama combined. I live on campus and have done so throughout my time at Uni. I am actually doing very well and feel that university life has really helped me to become an adult.

University life is not just about providing you with the skills to enter the world of work. It is also about growing as a person. I have learnt so many things that will help me when I enter the 'real world'. The idea of being so independent scared me at first, but Roehampton University has helped me because they prepare you mentally on how to enter the world of work. The educational system at University is different and you get to pick and choose what topics to do.

What advice would you give to current students at BSix?
Go to university or do an apprenticeship. Not only for the qualification, but also because you learn life lessons that you would not learn anywhere else. You make friends for a lifetime, you learn things you never thought you could learn in education! You become the better you and you grow so much. It's the most amazing experience ever, and I am proud to say that I am in my third year and nearly done!

  Mahmoud   Mahmoud Ally,

Mahmoud came to BSix having attempted A Levels at two other London colleges. He left BSix in 2013 to study History at Pembroke College, Oxford. Mahmoud's enthusiasm for History emerged at AS Level during his study of the Russian Revolution where he gave an outstanding presentation on the dramatic events that led up to Revolution. Mahmoud carried his enthusiasm into A2 where he produced exemplary coursework on Tanzania. Mahmoud also took advantage of the diverse opportunities available at BSix, participating in the Pem-Brooke Programme and helping found the Dead Historians Society.

  Asta   Asta Diabate,

Asta arrived at BSix in 2010 after emigrating from Italy. With no English qualifications, she took a one-year GCSE course in English and Maths alongside a BTEC level 2 Diploma in Applied Science. She then progressed onto A-Levels in History, Politics, Philosophy, French, and Italian and excelled across the board. Her skills in debate, combined with a remarkable thirst for learning and a cogent writing style, rare even amongst native English speakers, made her a standout student.

During her AS year, Asta was a stalwart of the ‘Pem-Brooke’ programme, a pioneering partnership between BSix and Pembroke College, Oxford that gives young people across Hackney a taste of the academic rigours of university study (now broadened to include 17 partner universities and is known as the Hackney University Extension programme). Asta took advantage of the other ‘Raising Aspirations’ opportunities co-ordinated by BSix, including attending lectures at the East End Classics Centre and participating in masterclasses at the National Archives. She also helped found The Dead Historians Society, an extra curricula history group that included weekly discussions, museum, library and archive visits and projects involving work with artists on historical reconstruction. 

From this base, Asta applied to study Ancient and Modern History at Brasenose College, Oxford. Her experience of the Pem-Brooke programme prepared her well for the application and interview process as she was able to speak knowledgeably about a wide range of subjects beyond the traditional curriculum.

Asta went on to achieve A*s in Government & Politics and Italian and As in French, History and Philosophy and was able to take up her place at Brasenose College Oxford.

  Temi Abiodun
  Temi Abiodun,
(Courses Studied: A levels in Law, Psychology, Philosophy and Politics)

What made you choose BSix: I choose BSix because it was the friendliest college of all the ones I applied to. I came in for my interview, and everyone present was so nice, that consolidated my decision to attend the college.

College Experience: I enjoyed being a student at BSix College. From the academic perspective, I don't think I could have gotten better teachers. I had teachers who were enthusiastic about the subjects they taught, who cared and were creative with their teaching methods. BSix caters for the opinions and interests of young people and as such I was able to get involved in a number of programmes. I was the secretary of the Student Union, a study area assistant, and an Aim Higher Ambassador! I also took other opportunities such as joining Envision which is a youth charity group and the karate club. The main point I want to get across is that there are a lot of opportunities to be had at BSix.

What are you doing now? I am a second year Law student at the University College of London. I also volunteer with the Citizenship Crime Advice Scheme and what I do here is to go to primary schools, and talk about some aspects of criminal law. It is pretty exciting work. I also volunteer at Newham Community Centre to help out in their legal clinic.

Achievements: Last year I took a study break from school, and I got a job at BSix College as a Marketing Assistant. When I started I was nervous as it was my first professional job, but every member of staff was so helpful and I learnt so much (I even won a staff Star Award!). I can honestly say that making a success of this job role has to be my greatest achievement to date.

Future Aspirations: I want to qualify as a solicitor, after which I have this plan to "work my way around the world". I love to travel, and I love law, and so I plan to travel to different countries and continents and work in law firms there. If that pans out, then I would love to work for an international organisation such as the United Nations.

Advice for current students at BSix: I think I would say as an individual you have to believe in yourself and look for ways to better yourself. College is the first step to whatever future you choose for yourself, university or work, and if you don't start taking positive steps towards the future you want for yourself now, it may become progressively harder to do so.

  Emmanuel Akintunde   Emmanuel Akintunde,
Emmanuel studied Biology, Business Studies and Career Academies' Business and Personal Finance at BSix from 2005-07

He then went on to study at Gloucestershire University & achieved a degree in International Business & Marketing. Whilst at University, he re-found his love of acting which had started to blossom when he performed in school plays. In 2009, part way through University; he secured a scholarship to train at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts! This amazing opportunity gave him the edge when he returned to the UK; he was able to get an agent and his acting career took flight.

The Actor…
Emmanuel has since performed in a variety of stage & screen productions including: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time as 'Amar's Race Patron'; in 2009-10 he became a familiar face in the McDonald's McFlurry commercial; his appearance as Ayumi Hamasaki's drummer on her promo videos 'Microphone', 'Sexy Little Things' and 'Return Road' propelled his recognition in Japan. Emmanuel also performed in the West End production of Silver Shores to great acclaim from critics:
"...Akintunde's performance is also notable-his desperate innocence is touching, and you really buy into his confusion at his captors' strange methods and devices." C. Swarbrick, British Theatre Guide.
He will also be seen in Micahel Degani's The Expectations due for release at the BFI in 2013.
In 2011, Akintunde was awarded a Gathering of Africa's Best (GAB) Award for his contributions towards the promotion of the positive image of Africa and Africans around the world through entertainment at the 13th Annual Gab Awards ceremony. He was also recognised as a Powerlist Future Leader where he was named one of UK's top 100 black graduates for 2011/2012.

The Entrepreneur…
As a young entrepreneur and talented musician, Akintunde set up GF Drums in 2008; an acclaimed drums fitness/tuition Company. Having played with numerous artists and in high-profile venues (including the Mermaid Theatre and Royal Festival Hall) Emmanuel's desire to share his gift of drumming and help satisfy the growing demand for professional drum tuition further spurred his enthusiasm to set up this company. GF Drums was a finalist in the BUG (Business Planning at the University of Gloucestershire) as well as a nominee for the HSBC Start-up Stars Awards! Emmanuel also runs GF Management, an artist management company currently representing Temzi, a lyrically impressive music artist.

A Spirit Of London Awards Finalist!
It is for Emmanuel's acting work that he has now been shortlisted (out of thousands of applicants) for the Spirit Of London Awards 2012 in the "Achievement in Arts" category. The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony which will take place at the O2 arena on the 10th December with an audience of over 10,000 people! Emmanuel will also be attending the Spirit Of London Awards drinks reception hosted by David Cameron at No.10 Downing Street!

  Allum Bokhari   Allum Bokhari,

From no qualifications to Oxford
Allum Bokhari joined BSix College’s Access to Advanced GCSE programme in 2008 with no prior qualifications, but made such exceptional progress that he also took up some AS levels in his first year. After just two years of study he achieved three A*s in A-level Government & Politics, History and Philosophy and went on to take up his place at Queens College University of Oxford to study for a degree in History and Politics.

Allum commented on receipt of his results:
“The journey from having no qualifications at all, two years ago, to having three A*s and a place at Oxford has been both surprising and exhilarating. Perhaps I am biased but I truly believe that BSix is the best sixth form college in the country –nay, the world! I wonder if I could have achieved what I have without the help of its wonderful and charismatic teachers such as the legendary History teacher Jamie Duff. BSix consigns to the dustbin of history the myth that the state sector is somehow inferior to the private sector.”

Whilst studying at BSix, Allum took part in the College’s Pem-Brooke programme (now known as the Hackney University Extension Programme, as it has broadened to include 17 partner universities in total). During Allum’s BSix experience it consisted of a unique collaboration between BSix and Pembroke College University of Oxford. This programme provided selected students with a year-long academic programme and a summer school replicating the life of an Oxford undergraduate.

Allum was the first student from BSix to go to Oxford University. Speaking to Allum recently he gave the following advice to BSix students:

What are your opinions on studying at university?
"There's nothing that stimulates the mind quite like a humanities course at a great British university like Oxford. For those who are animated by debate and intellectual inquiry, there can be no better experience."

What have you been doing since completing university?
"Since University, I spent some time working in politics for a member of Parliament. I'm currently a journalist at Breitbart.com, where I cover some of the most heated and controversial topics of the day. It's a world of exciting people, exciting places, and adventure - but I'll always remember where I started: BSix."

What advice would you give to current BSix students?
"Discover what you were born to do, and do it. Ignore life's minor distractions, and focus on building yourself into the best person you can be." 

  Rojin Tasman   Rojin Tasman,
(A level student and Student Union President)

How would you describe your experience at BSix so far?
"A couple of weeks at BSix has felt like a couple of months. I've settled in quickly; now I've taken the job of president in a college I enjoy being in!"

What do you think of BSix as a college?
"BSix has so much potential and it's continually improving for the students' benefit."

  Daze Osuide   Daze Osuide,
(A level student and Student Union Vice-President)

How would you describe your experience at BSix so far?
"Energetic. Fulfilling. Purposeful. Future-building. Definitely a stepping-stone!"

What do you think of BSix as a college?
"The place to be. Very concentrated on progression and success. A mature environment, no need for 'Sirs' and 'Miss' ."


  Tomilola James   Tomilola James,

Tomilola joined BSix progressing from Stoke Newington School, Hackney in 2011. She enrolled on to an A level programme and had exemplary attendance throughout.  At home, her mother was a single parent and Tomilola, as the eldest child, helped care for teenage and new born siblings. Despite this additional work load, she managed her time exceedingly well and even contributed to College life as a student Ambassador and worked towards and achieved the Sixth Form College Baccalaureate.

In 2013 she achieved outstanding grades (A* in Sociology, A in Psychology and an A in English Literature) and went on to study Adult Nursing, specialising in mental health nursing, at City University.  Tomi is currently in her final year at University hoping to become a respiratory nurse afterwards. When asked, she had the following to say about her post-college experiences:

‘Overall I’ve really enjoyed university life. I’ve enjoyed the various activities that have been on offer, and I’ve also met some amazing people both in and out of my course. At times it has been tough, particularly balancing placement with academics, but it’s really helped me with time management.’

Advice to BSix students about university:

‘The work can be challenging at times, but always believe in what you can do for yourself. If you find yourself having writers block when doing essays, don’t give up! Step back, do something else then come back to it. This is part of discipline. Make the most of the vast academic support on offer, such as critical thinking and writing tutorials, because they really do boost your grades. Also, it’s really important to try some extracurricular activities, because it’s a great way to meet people and you gain transferrable skills. Just make it the best opportunity you can for yourself.'

  Mohammed Ibrahim   Mohammed Ibrahim,

Mohamed (Ibz) arrived at BSix in 2013 progressing to study with us from Stoke Newington School, Hackney. He had a less than ideal school experience which had impacted negatively on his GCSE results as well as his first attempt at AS-levels. However, once settled at BSix, Mohamed thrived; achieving some of the best AS results in the college. 

Ibz’s involvement in the academically rigorous Hackney University Extension programme encouraged him to think even more critically about complex concepts and ideas and to engage with a wide range of university level literature. He regularly attended academic lectures and seminars led by universities within the college and has consequently cultivated a real flair for partaking in academic debate.

In the summer of 2015, Ibz achieved phenomenal grades in all subjects (A* Sociology, A* Psychology, A English Literature) and this meant he had fulfilled the offer requirements for his 1st choice University. However, after discussion with his teachers, he decided that he wished to defer his university place for a year to enable him to get some vital work experience. We are fortunate that his plans included BSix as he is currently working here in a voluntary capacity as a full-time mentor for AS and A level Sociology and Psychology students. His teachers and the students he works with are in complete agreement that he is an absolute superstar and we are excited to see where his next steps will take him.

  Mohammed Ibrahim   Alliyah Nurse-Glace,

Aliyah came to BSix College in 2013 progressing from Mount Carmel School in Islington. She enrolled on to A-levels whilst coping as a mother of a 6 month old baby at the time.  Alliyah worked exceptionally hard and did not let her personal circumstances stop her from achieving her full potential. She completed and achieved 3 excellent grades (A in Sociology, B in Psychology and a B in English Literature) at the same time as juggling the primary care role of a toddler.  Alliyah is now studying at City University on a combined degree in Psychology and Sociology, chosen because of its proximity to home, bursary and childcare facilities.  

Alliyah’s story is an exemplary message to all students as it shows that it is possible to achieve anything that you set your mind to. It might require a lot of time, effort and hard work, but the power to shape your future is most definitely in your hands!