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  Do Ngoc Diep   Aaminah Dawood,

My story is incredibly long but I will try and sum up the last 5 years into a few paragraphs. I started off my journey at BSix Sixth Form College in 2013, just like a typical secondary school leaver, I was excited and eager to start sixth form until I actually arrived and realised I am probably the most shy individual in the college! But fortunately, that didn’t last long. I joined the Student Ambassador programme within a few weeks of starting BSix, after being trained to talk to different students and families, my confidence slowly grew. Before you know it, I was able to talk in front of a large group of people. I enjoyed the programme so much that I spent most of my time in BSix as part of this team and was announced the Top Ambassador of the year.
I then progressed into 2nd year; I stayed on the ambassador programme but also decided to join the Student Union. I was elected as Vice President and Chair of the Student Standards which was created by myself and the Student Voice. I was further trained on communication, leadership and management. I gained an amazing relationship with all staff including the Assistant Principal, Rebekah Westgate and Principal, Ken Warman. The year went past and I finished off my course achieving a proud triple Distinction* and a place at City, University of London to study Children’s Nursing. Most people think I would’ve left BSix now but it was just the beginning.

Before I knew it I was no longer a student at BSix, but through initial voluntary work during enrolment, I got promoted into being a part-time staff member and am still in BSix to date. Yes, I have been at BSix for the past 5 years! All whilst studying a degree and running my own personal art business. I get a lot of questions on how I manage a part time job whilst doing 12 hour shifts and running a business, I still don’t know how I do it! I now manage the Student Union and train them on being independent leaders and hope to give back to BSix everything they gave to me as a student. I am now on my final placement for my nursing degree and have just been offered my dream job in the Accident and Emergency department at Homerton Hospital. My interviewers were pleasantly shocked at the amount of skills I gained through being a student and staff member at BSix. I can now say that I am proud of every single stressful moment I have been through in BSix and in University.

But how did I get to where I am today? I can tell you it was not easy, but BSix is one of the reasons why I have made it this far. They guided me through every step of my journey whilst I was a student and developed me into an independent woman who aspires to develop herself and always aim high. My journey is described in 3 words that BSix is recognised for, Aspire, Study and Achieve.

Aspire- I aspired to be the best, I wanted to dream big and work my way up higher. I aspired to be the best I can be whilst overcoming anything that came my way. I concentrated on myself and my development, that didn’t mean I didn’t have friends. I gained friends through being myself and sharing the same interests of being in the ambassador programme and being a part of the Student Union.

Study- I studied to reach my aspirations, I developed myself to be able to reach my dreams.

Achieve- My teachers and the staff has helped me achieve the best grades possible and the best skills to make me shine. I can now say today that I am just a few months away from achieving my dream career.

Rebekah Westgate, the Assistant Principal of the college, is one of the main individuals who made me the person I am today. From being one of her student ambassadors to one of her employees, she has seen me grow from a teenager to a young adult. She has helped me develop in so many different ways, in ways I cannot even imagine. She is one of the reasons I have been offered my dream job, everything she has taught me has made me stand out as an amazing future nurse. She has seen my weaknesses and my strengths and has always inspired and motivated me to push forward. No amount of words can ever show my appreciation and thankfulness to all that she has taught me and supported me though my journey into adult life. As my journey in BSix comes to an end soon, I will never forget all that she has done for me to develop into an ambitious independent woman, she truly is my role model, and has taught me how to ‘Aspire, study and achieve’.

No amount of words or actions can ever thank everyone at BSix, including Ken Warman, enough for everything they have taught me for the last 5 years. Ken has given me opportunitiy after opportunity to stay within BSix and develop myself into a successful independent woman. I thank all my teachers for all the support and motivation they continued to give throughout the last 5 years. BSix has made me into the person I am today and I know they will continue to give students amazing opportunities to become outstanding successful individuals.

  Do Ngoc Diep   Do Ngoc Diep,

I graduated from Biological Sciences in June 2008. Before that I was studying in the Foreign Language Specialised School (Truong pho thong trung hoc Chuyen Ngoai Ngu) I applied and received a scholarship from Brooke House Sixth Form College to go and study in the UK. After 2 years at Brooke House College, I completed my A-level program with 4 subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and succeeded in getting an offer to study at the University of Warwick.

I was interested in Warwick because it was ranked 5th in the Times general ranking chart in 2005 for UK universities. Moreover, since the University was recently established, all facilities and buildings were relatively new with new equipment for laboratories, which were the ideal conditions for a science student like me at the time. Most importantly, I was told about it by one of my seniors in college who had studied at Warwick for a year and he described the environment in Warwick as quiet, academic, friendly and the best place to enjoy a student life.

One thing I will always remember about my time at Warwick was the last summer. I was busy with exams and my final project; however, now that I think back, I did actually enjoy the one month spent on that research project the most. I particularly enjoyed working in the lab and practicing what I had learnt over the previous 3 years. The research was hard and I had to work in the lab from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. everyday but I received great support from all my friends, my supervisors as well as other staff in the same lab. With that great help, I was able to successfully complete my final project and gained an inside view in the day-to-day work of researchers.

During my time at Warwick I was a member of the Vietnam Society and I would recommend international students to join their country's society as this connects you to other students from your home country. Through the society, I was able to join in many activities, which helped introducing Vietnam culture to other international students. I was also introduced to many other Vietnamese students and the seniors gave me keen advice on many aspects such as accommodation, study, exam, etc.

After my graduation, I came back to Vietnam straight away, as I wanted to start building my career in my home country. I have stayed in Hanoi since then and have a permanent job in the Vietnam Green Building Council – an international NGO working on green construction and environmental protection. Before receiving the job offer, I worked for the same NGO as a full-time intern. My position in VGBC is that of a researcher. In this position I help creating a green building rating tool for buildings in Vietnam and have the chance to gain knowledge on the construction industry, green architecture, environment and climate change.

The knowledge on environmental sciences that I gained in Warwick was a good background for me to start but the job also required me to familiarize with architecture, a completely different field from my study course. However, the research skills that I obtained during my study at Warwick have helped me greatly in exploring the new field of green architecture as well as with my daily job as a researcher.

  Dr Joseph Appiah   Dr Joseph Appiah,

Joseph arrived in the UK from Africa in 2006 and decided to study A Level Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry at BSix. He worked exceptionally hard to achieve strong grades at A-level
enabling him to progress to study medicine at … University.

What are you doing now?
'I am now a fully qualified doctor! I monitor and provide general care to patients on hospital wards and in outpatient clinics; I conduct investigations and treatment, as well as admit patients requiring special care. I also have the opportunity to teach current undergraduates studying medicine, as well as to conduct auditing and research.'

What was the best thing about BSix?
'The "Aim Higher" programme back then, now the College's Hackney University Extension programme, instilled confidence in us that we could compete with students from elite colleges and schools for top-level university places. They subsidised costs for trips such as Medicine and Oxbridge Interview Preparation Days and Health Summer School at City and Queen Mary Universities.

  Yunlu Li   Yunlu Li,

Yunlu joined BSix College in September 2010 having recently arrived in the UK from China. She enrolled onto an A-Level programme studying Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Maths and Further Maths. Her exceptional grades won her a prestigious place to read Mathematics at Cambridge University!

Life at Cambridge University
In a typical term I would study 5courses, which would mean two to three lectures every day from Monday to Friday and on average 3 one-to-two supervisions per week. Example sheets are given out by each lecturer and I hand in the work to my supervisor the day before the supervision which is basically a discussion on the work we have done.

I am on the committee of a couple of student societies too, which keeps me busy outside my study time. I am responsible for sending out emails, organising events, keeping track of the society's finances. They sometimes can be very time-consuming but are great fun. They help develop my skills such as communication and problem solving, which I believe will come in very useful in my future career.

How BSix helped prepare me for University
The teachers were very helpful throughout my time there, particularly Sybil and Natalya.
They encouraged me to apply for a Maths degree and tried their best to help me find relevant resources. The Pem-Brooke summer school in Oxford was also a highlight for me. I was assigned to do an essay in Law which I hardly had any pre-knowledge in. However after completing the project, my assigned tutor quoted my work as 'writing like a real lawyer' and 'represents substantial effort and promise for future academic activity', which boosted my confidence in applying to the top universities.

  Jawad Bashorun   Jawad Bashorun,
Top performing student in summer 2011 was Jawad Bashorun who achieved 3 grades A's and an A* in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. He is now at Cambridge University studying Natural Sciences.

What is more impressive is that Jawad has only been in the UK for just over two years moving here from Nigeria to fulfil his ambition of studying A-levels and going to Cambridge. He remembers that he selected BSix College as he was immediately inspired by the teachers that he met:
"BSix has the best people, you cannot forget them they are very helpful. The teachers are hard on you, to get the best out of you. I found my time here very motivating".

Jawad is also grateful for the additional University preparation that is an integral part of BSix life which helped him refine his interview skills and techniques in preparation for his Cambridge interview. BSix Careers Advisor, Yvonne Brewster recalls:
"Jawad first came to speak to me to discuss Higher Education during the first year of his A Levels.  He had previously attended the BSix Higher Education Fair and spoken to a range of universities about his options, as well as an Early Applicants Talk for students interested in studying at Oxbridge or studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science at university.  At these events, organised by BSix Careers Service, he received the basic information he needed to pursue his aspiration of studying at Cambridge University. During the many careers interviews he had during his time at BSix, Jawad received information, advice and guidance on areas such as university and course choices, personal statement writing, preparing for academic interviews and student finance. In addition, BSix Careers Service organised for Jawad to attend an Admissions Test Preparation Day and an Interview Preparation Day run by external providers.  Jawad took every opportunity offered to him and benefitted from our full range of support during his time at BSix".

Jawad's aspirations continue now that his Cambridge dream has come true and he hopes to progress further in his academic studies to complete a PHD by the time he is 25! He also intends to return to Nigeria, "If I make it in life, I will go back and help people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone has a very good destiny waiting for them; you just have to follow the right paths".

In addition to his studies Jawad took up additional opportunities at BSix such as working in a team on the AMEC project to build a green power racing car! His role was the electrical wiring. The team raced the car for the first time on 11th September at the Lockheed Martin Spirit of Green Power race and they won the Spirit of Green-power Award! The winners displayed incredible determination, fantastic solidarity with other teams helping out where possible, and the 'never say die' attitude by keeping their car running in all circumstances.

When asked what advice he would give to students who might want to follow in his footsteps, he said: "Everyone has their own future and we have our different paths. The thing about me is I know this is what I want to be; so if you have something in you, find yourself then invest your time in getting to where you want to be. Don't be like me: you are unique in your own way"

  Melissa Abraham   Melissa Abraham,
(Courses Studied: A levels in Law, Psychology, Philosophy and Politics)

Life at BSix College: Academically, I achieved everything I wanted to at BSix, I studied A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Law and Philosophy as well as an AS level in religious studies. The thing I love most about BSix is the vibrancy and diversity of the college community, and I took advantage of this whilst a student, fully immersing myself in student life. I was on the college student union first as a vice president then as president and I was a student governor for 2 years, and I still sit on the board. I was able to volunteer with the charity Envision, raising awareness of child poverty, I worked with local primary schools as an Aimhigher FE Ambassador, and I also worked within the College as a study support asisstant and a college ambassador helping out at parents evenings and open days. There is so much to get involved with at BSix and the skills I gained I view as invaluable; my confidence grew in bounds from all the public speaking I was exposed to as an su executive.

What are you doing now: I am in the second year of my Maths degree at Warwick and loving it. The transition between college and university was a difficult one, but I felt confident that I could cope after BSix, my teachers really put me through my paces!

Future Aspirations: Although I am in the second year of my degree, I am not entirely sure what I wish to do after I finish. Studying a subject as broad and financially luctrative as Mathematics, however, means there is a wealth of opportunity available to me. Although, having been afforded the opportunity to have worked as a Marketing Assistant in BSix for 9 weeks over the summer has made me consider the possibility of a career in education or management.

  Ifeanyi Amajuoyi   Ifeyani Amajuoyi,
(A level student)

BSix is a great College for supporting students and raising aspirations. I had the opportunity to study AS level Maths in addition to my BTEC National Diploma in Science.

I'd always wanted to go into the Architectural/Engineering field and I knew I stood no chance of getting onto the course of my choice without at least AS level mathematics to show I had basic understanding of advanced maths. BSix
supported me to ensure I had the opportunity to
follow my ambitions.

Now I am at the University of Loughborough studying Architectural Engineering & Design Management. I consider myself very lucky because during the UCAS process I was a little unsure about the choices I made with regards to higher education. Fortunately I had good advice and succeeded in getting a place at a very good university. According to The Guardian University League Table 2011, Loughborough is in the top 10 Universities in
the UK!

Since the start of my course my knowledge of Maths has been vital in helping me to achieve a good number of my modules. I've found that you don't get as much assistance from lecturers in university compared to college; so it has proved extremely beneficial to have prior knowledge to build upon. My recommendation to all students aspiring to this type of career – make sure you study Maths!