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About Us

We will challenge you to be the best you can be

Thank you for visiting the BSix web-site. Hopefully, it will give you some idea of life at the college and illustrate why it is an exciting and supportive place to study.

Clearly I am not a completely impartial observer, but, since taking over as Principal here in May 2018, I have become more and more aware of the many positive features BSix has to offer. In no particular order of importance, I would recommend to you:

  • A consistently strong standard of teaching and learning provided by conscientious and deeply committed staff.
  • Excellent support and guidance systems, designed to help students cope with any particular problems they might be facing.
  • A broad range of interesting and useful enrichment activities which complement the main course of study and allow students to gain additional skills and qualifications.
  • Thorough and comprehensive preparation for students` next steps, whether they be in further education, higher education or the world of work.
  • Opportunities to continue to develop greater skill and confidence in the speaking and writing of English and the use of mathematics.

All this in a safe, purposeful and friendly atmosphere responsive to the ideas and opinions of its students.

Don’t take my word for what BSix has to offer. Come and visit and, if you like what you see, enrol as a student. Join those of us who are here already in our united efforts constantly to improve all that we do as a college.

Kevin Watson Principal

1. We’ll make you successful

Our results have improved by over 30% in the last five years.

“A high proportion of students on both level 3 vocational and A-level programmes gain places at universities, with an increasing proportion
going to prestigious institutions”

– Ofsted Report, 2016

“Large numbers of students aspire to university, with 81 per cent of the eligible cohort achieving a place.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

2. Our teachers are excellent and learn with you

Our teachers are well-qualified, imaginative and committed to the success of each individual student.

“In terms of developing their own academic excellence, they (teachers) are all very well qualified, some with higher degrees in both their subject areas and education”

– UCL Institute of Education research, March 2016

“Teachers use effective strategies to build students’ confidence in their abilities. For example, when calculating perimeters, GCSE mathematics students were encouraged to write their working method on the white board, through which students received respect from their peers and developed strong class cohesion amongst the group”

– Ofsted Report, 2016

“Staff are said to be ‘accessible’, always willing to engage, always willing to ‘go the extra mile’. One striking phrase was that teachers would ‘sacrifice their time for you”

– UCL Institute of Education research, March 2016

“Teachers focus well on giving students guidance on how to interpret and answer questions and how to manage their time effectively in examinations”

– Ofsted Report, 2016

“Staff are seen as putting in extras effort. ‘They help you a lot. They make you do your homework.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

“Students describe the quality of teaching and learning support to be high, and welcome being given responsibility for their own learning.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

3. We believe that all young people can be successful

We offer courses at all levels from entry through to advanced. We expect everyone to commit to studying hard and aiming high. Most of our students, as a result, can progress to the next level of further education, employment or university.

“Students welcome the comprehensive ethos of the college, and appreciate the strong support systems, which look after a wide range of needs”

– UCL Institute of Education research, December 2015

“The college is justly celebrated across the education community for its commitment to diversity and its robust dedication to both high aspirations and a comprehensive intake.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

4. We welcome everyone

Our students come from a wide diversity of backgrounds .We all join together for the purpose of learning and see this diversity as a cause for celebration and an opportunity to learn about and from each other.

“Students are positive about the inclusive ethos of the college and appreciate the frequent opportunities to celebrate diversity, through which they have a thorough understanding of modern society”

– Ofsted Report, 2016

“Teachers are skilled at ensuring students develop a positive understanding of social and cultural diversity and current social topics. For example, in art, teachers use the theme of migration as a
stimulus to a project”

– Ofsted Report, 2016

“The comprehensive open door policy of the college is welcomed and respected by staff and appreciated by students.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

5. We want you to take part

Our students are involved in running the College. Our Learning Advocates are trained to observe lessons and to judge the quality of what we offer. They have spoken at many conferences to leaders in schools and sixth form colleges.

“Managers fell that the learner view is perceived as important in the strategic development and conduct of the college.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)

6. We want you to develop all-round

BSix is committed to getting you the qualifications you need as well as developing those skills, qualities and attributes necessary for successful progression.

“Staff successfully ensure that students from diverse backgrounds and with different prior attainments are able to participate in learning. They also develop very well students’ understanding and appreciation of social and cultural diversity to prepare them for life in their communities and in the wider modern Britain. The development of students’ understanding of fundamental British values is integrated effectively into their courses and wider life at college”

– Ofsted, April 2016

“Students take part in a wide range of activities, clubs, societies and sporting events through which they develop a broader understanding of, and commitment to, society”

– Ofsted, April 2016

“Through a well planned tutorial curriculum, students are well informed about a range of issues, including healthy living, emotional resilience, revision skills and staying safe, including online”

– Ofsted, April 2016

“By and large staff believe that learning beyond the classroom has improved recently , and that this is having a beneficial impact on overall performance.”

– UCL Institute of Education, ‘BSix College Corporate Perceptions’ (December 2015)