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AS/A-Level History (Edexcel, Pearson)

Did you know England had a revolution in the C17th? Would you like to know more?

Why was there a revolution in Russia in 1917?

Why did a Black Power Movement emerge in the USA in the late 1960s?

What connections or continuities are there between these periods of dramatic change?

What legacies have we inherited from them?

Why does History matter? What use is it to the present?

Answering these questions, discussing these fascinating periods of History, will enrich our understanding of the present, our position within it, and how we might think differently about it.

Thinking historically not only involves asking questions about what happened in the past but struggling over its interpretation, meaning and continuing presence. We must ask: who gets to be part of History, and why? Which stories are remembered, forgotten, and who gets to decide? This is a battle endlessly waged, in all times, all over the world, and in our classroom.

At BSix, we are keen to share and to build on what young people already know about History and to create a sense of belonging within the discipline as well as the classroom.

We actively encourage our students to take up History at degree level. Students have gone on to read the subject at King’s College, SOAS, Goldsmiths, Leicester, Queen Mary, Oxford University and beyond.

We have a number of professional historians and experts visiting the department each year to bring History to life and to enrich the curriculum. Visits have included Professor John Morrill of Cambridge University to debate the Causes of the English Civil War, Professor Gurminder Bhambra on the Haitian Revolution, trailblazing Labour Historian Louise Raw on the Suffragettes of the East End, historian/Hip Hop artist Akala to historicise race and explore Ancient African Civilisations, Dr Sumita Mukherjee from Bristol University to debate A History of South Asians in Britain, Dr Anita Rupprect from Brighton University to run a workshop on The ‘hub of empire’: the Caribbean and Britain in the Seventeenth Century and many more.

We encourage students to research and present topics both within the classroom and on any subjects of their historical interest for enrichment.

Careers in this subject

As well as a career as a historian, History provides the basis for a variety of career paths including law, journalism, politics, heritage, museums, archives, teaching and beyond.

Units of Assessment:

Route C: Revolutions in early modern and modern Europe
Paper 1: Britain 1625 -1701: Conflict, revolution and settlement
Paper 2: Russia in revolution 1894-1924
Paper 3: Civil Rights and race relations in the USA 1850-2009 (This year we will also run a parallel enrichment course on The Civil Rights Movement in Britain)
Paper 4: Coursework 

Your Teacher:

History at BSix is taught by Lucy Capes.

Lucy has eight years of teaching experience. She completed her teacher training at the Institute of Education, UCL. She has a BA in American Studies and an MA in Social and Political Thought from Sussex University. She has an additional MA in African History from SOAS, University of London. Lucy completed a sabbatical at Oxford University on C17th History and is an Associate Teacher Fellow of the Historical Association.

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