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A-Level Psychology (AQA)

Most people find Psychology a fascinating subject because it’s about us: how our minds work; how we cope with the challenges of life; why we do the things we do; why we feel the way we feel. But you must remember that Psychology is a Science subject, so we have to look at hard evidence before we can come to conclusions about the mysteries of the human mind. Studying Psychology will help you understand more about yourself and other people; it will help you to develop your logical thinking skills and your memory (you’ll need a good memory to get a high grade) There’s a lot to learn, so lessons are hard work and very focused on all the information you have to absorb. But there are also plenty of opportunities for discussion and to apply what you are learning to your own life situation. A typical exam question might be: “Explain some of the differences between short term and long term memory.”

Units of assessment

  • Social Influence
  • Memory
  • Attachment
  • Approaches in Psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Biopsychology
  • Research Methods
  • Issues and Debates in Psychology

Option topics

  • Relationships
  • Schizophrenia
  • Aggression


Careers in this subject

The skills learnt through studying Psychology are transferable to many career routes and could also lead onto a range of Humanities based degree courses at University. Graduates might seek jobs in fields such as Psychiatric nursing, therapy, police or certain jobs within the business sector.

Teacher profiles

Staff at Bsix are highly trained and well qualified. We have three experienced teachers of Psychology who regularly inspire students to achieve excellent results.

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