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A-Level - English Language

A-Level English Language & Literature

Course Information

Course Level
 – 3
Course Type – A-Level
Specific Entry Requirements
GCSE English at Grade 5
Duration – 2 Years
Student Age – 16-18

About The Course

English Language is for students who enjoyed opportunities for exploring English Language at GCSE.

The study of English Language will help you develop a range of key skills that can be applied in the real world, including clarity of thought and expression, critical and analytical skills, team working, giving and receiving feedback and contextual and cultural awareness.

You will engage creatively and critically with the many language varieties of English and study a range of sources such as written, spoken and electronic texts for a variety of audiences. You will further develop methods of language analysis and writing skills.

Over the course of two years, you will study English language under the microscope, compare and contrast texts, study child language acquisition, language change and language in the media.

How Is The Course Taught?

You will be taught by subject specialist teachers using a range of materials and sessions will be delivered to you to encourage discussion and debate on various topics. You will need to be an avid reader of non-fiction texts and make use of the ICT suites and the LRC.  

How will I be Assessed?

The course comprises of 2 examined units at the end of year 2. You will also produce two pieces of coursework, totaling 3,500 words, consisting of 20% of the

total qualification.  

What does it lead to?

The course is ideal for those who wish to study English further at university or other subjects that involve critical analysis of texts. The analytical and interpretive skills will be ideal for jobs in media, journalism, film, teaching or the arts with top salaries up to £60,000

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