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BSix Business students – KPMG for the day

Business Level 3 students benefited from a Skills day hosted and delivered by KPMG, one of the world’s leading providers of Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

With employability skills high on everyone’s agenda, the day was a perfect opportunity for our students to gain insight into a professional work environment – and not just any work place, but a global company! Students learnt about key techniques for successful interviews. This included:

  • Definition of branding.
  • Importance of personal branding.
  • How we convey ourselves through social media and whether it always aligns with reality.

as well as…

  • How to prepare for interviews and details to keep in mind.
  • Techniques that are often used and how to approach them.

The STAR technique: a technique that can be implemented in countless situations to deliver the best of results.





Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

”KPMG was an incredible experience. It helped us to understand the importance of interview skills through teaching us how to use techniques like STAR . In addition, they taught us that it takes 1/10th of a second to make an impression. This could benefit us in the future as it puts us in a position where we know exactly what to do in our interview.”

KPMG mindset

“perspective and mindset are very crucial when it comes to anything we do in life; and this was a great analogy which emphasised the importance of being positive and how far it can get you in terms of education and career.”

Personal Branding

“ It was really intriguing to hear how we as individual are our own brands; what we do, our perspectives and how we carry ourselves play a big role. For instance, the things that we share on social media are not always well-thought out and unfortunately it has its consequences.”

BSix Business team

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