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Bsix Science graduate achieves dream job in nursing

23 Jul 18 2 years ago

“My story is incredibly long but I will try and sum up the last 5 years into a few paragraphs. I started off my journey at BSix Sixth Form College in 2013, just like a typical secondary school leaver, I was excited and eager to start sixth form until I actually arrived and realised I am probably the most shy individual in the college! But fortunately, that didn’t last long. I joined the Student Ambassador programme within a few weeks of starting BSix, after being trained to talk to different students and families, my confidence slowly grew. Before you know it, I was able to talk in front of a large group of people. I enjoyed the programme so much that I spent most of my time in BSix as part of this team and was announced the Top Ambassador of the year.

I then progressed into 2nd year; I stayed on the ambassador programme but also decided to join the Student Union. I was elected as Vice President and Chair of the Student Standards which was created by myself and the Student Voice. I was further trained on communication, leadership and management. I gained an amazing relationship with all staff including the Assistant Principal, Rebekah Westgate and Principal, Ken Warman. The year went past and I finished off my course achieving a proud triple Distinction* and a place at City, University of London to study Children’s Nursing. Most people think I would’ve left BSix now but it was just the beginning.

Before I knew it I was no longer a student at BSix, but through initial voluntary work during enrolment, I got promoted into being a part-time staff member and am still in BSix to date. Yes, I have been at BSix for the past 5 years! All whilst studying a degree and running my own personal art business. I get a lot of questions on how I manage a part time job whilst doing 12 hour shifts and running a business, I still don’t know how I do it! I now manage the Student Union and train them on being independent leaders and hope to give back to BSix everything they gave to me as a student. I am now on my final placement for my nursing degree and have just been offered my dream job in the Accident and Emergency department at Homerton Hospital. My interviewers were pleasantly shocked at the amount of skills I gained through being a student and staff member at BSix. I can now say that I am proud of every single stressful moment I have been through in BSix and in University.

But how did I get to where I am today? I can tell you it was not easy, but BSix is one of the reasons why I have made it this far. They guided me through every step of my journey whilst I was a student and developed me into an independent woman who aspires to develop herself and always aim high. My journey is described in 3 words that BSix is recognised for, Aspire, Study and Achieve.


I aspired to be the best, I wanted to dream big and work my way up higher. I aspired to be the best I can be whilst overcoming anything that came my way. I concentrated on myself and my development, that didn’t mean I didn’t have friends. I gained friends through being myself and sharing the same interests of being in the ambassador programme and being a part of the Student Union.


I studied to reach my aspirations, I developed myself to be able to reach my dreams.


My teachers and the staff has helped me achieve the best grades possible and the best skills to make me shine. I can now say today that I am just a few months away from achieving my dream career.

Rebekah Westgate, the Assistant Principal of the college, is one of the main individuals who made me the person I am today. From being one of her student ambassadors to one of her employees, she has seen me grow from a teenager to a young adult. She has helped me develop in so many different ways, in ways I cannot even imagine. She is one of the reasons I have been offered my dream job, everything she has taught me has made me stand out as an amazing future nurse. She has seen my weaknesses and my strengths and has always inspired and motivated me to push forward. No amount of words can ever show my appreciation and thankfulness to all that she has taught me and supported me though my journey into adult life. As my journey in BSix comes to an end soon, I will never forget all that she has done for me to develop into an ambitious independent woman, she truly is my role model, and has taught me how to ‘Aspire, study and achieve’.

No amount of words or actions can ever thank everyone at BSix, including Ken Warman, enough for everything they have taught me for the last 5 years. Ken has given me opportunity after opportunity to stay within BSix and develop myself into a successful independent woman. I thank all my teachers for all the support and motivation they continued to give throughout the last 5 years. BSix has made me into the person I am today and I know they will continue to give students amazing opportunities to become outstanding successful individuals.”

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