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Changing the Face of BSix College

Planning permission will shortly be sought by BSix College for major building works at the front of the site. These include the removal of an old metal storage container, provision for cycle parking, the installation of a multi-use games area and the landscaping of the entrance path and adjoining areas.

Principal, Kevin Watson, believes that these enhancements will make a big difference to the way BSix is perceived and also give external expression to the many positive developments taking place within the college.

“My abiding priority is to provide the best possible education experience for everyone who studies here,” he said. “The main focus is on teaching and learning and new facilities can open up fresh possibilities and give everyone a huge boost. What we are proposing should greatly smarten the appearance of the college whilst providing a much-needed base for a range of sporting activities. Prospective students and local residents should see an attractive and purposeful college determined to do well by all who study and work here”.

Sky view new plans!
A modern spacious entrance
New Learning Resource Centre & Think Tank!
NOTICESUpdated: 26th August 2020