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Knowledge is Power enrichment

Hackney Black Women Writer's event at BSix

Knowledge is Power enrichment at BSix in partnership with the Hackney Museum

Hackney Black women writer’s group hosted by BSix College in partnership with the Hackney Museum on 20th September 2018.


BSix students had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Hackney Black Women Writers group, as part of their Knowledge is Power enrichment programme at BSix College yesterday.


The group formed in Hackney Museum earlier this year and is the latest in a series of events and projects the college has worked on with the museum. Two young writers from BSix – Amun Ahmed, studying A Level English Literature, Film and Sociology and Sandra Ebuwa Idele, studying BTEC Health and Social Care – were inspired by the groups’ confidence building activities and sharing of written work.


Amun said of the event: ‘I was able to breath again. I didn’t have to worry about what I said because writers are known to express themselves. I found air my words could breath in. I breathed knowledge and the power of it from every walk of Africa.’


Sandra was similarly moved by the experience: ‘I felt so warm. I felt not lonely any more. This is what has been missing for me. I was deep in everything one of the poet’s said. I loved listening to the older women. They were impressive and all friendly. The activities made me realise what writing could do for a person.’


The young women have decided to start their own writers group at the college and are keen to share their own writing to inspire their peers. The College enrichment programme is running some ground-breaking events and seminars this year. The College’s distinctive talent is linking student interests with exciting and developmental enrichment. Each student’s study programme is tailored to extend their knowledge, meet their needs and help them to realise their ambitions.


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