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The impact of world of work opportunities at BSix

31 May 18 2 years ago

The competition for jobs is at an all-time high for young people. Employers are looking for more from potential candidates and having previously experienced a substantial element of work experience can really help to make our college graduates stand out from the crowd.

‘Developing employability skills are one of our top priorities for our students’, comments Rebekah Westgate, Assistant Principal Student Recruitment and Development, ‘Over the past year, we have tripled the number of students going on work placement and a large majority of other students experience a credible element of work-related learning as part of their study programme.’

The College works closely with Inspire! – the local Education Business Partnership organisation that offers placements to students. The students benefit from working in a diverse range of business, charities and community centres. Students and staff have high regard for the value of these work experiences and how they support young people to find their career path, gain transferable skills and start to build a professional network.

We work with a range of local employers in a variety of sectors. Many take the time to feedback to us how impressed they were with the ‘work-readiness’ of our students, here are a few examples:

Wizard Media

‘Ahmed was a pleasure to have as part of the team. He arrived well ahead of his start time every morning and was willing to stay after 5pm to complete tasks. He listened carefully to the tasks that were assigned to him and asked questions as necessary. Ahmed worked well as part of the team and spoke enthusiastically about his passions of game design in one-on-one conversation.

We had many big projects to deliver in the week that Ahmed was with us and he was very helpful and engaged in helping us. As his experience grows he will become increasingly confident and be able to focus on his skill sets, alongside this his willingness to apply himself to a range of tasks will always stand him in good stead in the workplace. We wish him the absolute best in his future and hope he stays in touch.’

Wright Photo

‘I’d like to say that Kerinusa has been a fantastic placement. She is diligent, hardworking, enthusiastic and keen to learn. I’d like to offer Kerinusa an extended work experience opportunity here. I’d propose she spend one day a week here. I feel that this environment helps her to interact professionally with clients and shows her a real, working, creative environment.’

‘Juelma has done so well on her placement this week that they’ve offered her a part-time job at the Canvas Café!

Platinum performing arts

‘I will say it was a complete pleasure working with Nicola. She showed great communication skills, using own initiative and willing to learn and experience/embrace new challenges.’

Zoe Records

‘Jamal did very well; the tasks given to him were executed to a good standard; and he was a nice guy to have around.’

Zetteler Media

‘It was our first time to have a work experience student in the studio, so we were all conscious of making it useful and enjoyable for him… He was very polite and quite quiet to start with. We all remember our first work experience moments and how intimidating an office environment can be, so it wasn’t an issue in the slightest. He was managed and introduced to what we do by our PR manager, Dorothy Bourne. He assisted with PR research (searching for addresses + updating a spreadsheet), went on a product photo shoot for our online shop (helped with managing the products + selecting paper colours) and supported the team with post office runs. He was hard working and an invaluable support to the team. We’d happily have him back and have promised to keep him in mind if we have a film shoot that he might enjoy in future, unfortunately, we didn’t have any booked last week.’


‘Ronaldo is very quiet person; however, he was happy to take part in conversations on a project he was introduced to by Robbie Brunton. He did show a lot of enthusiasm on a one to one basis and was probably a bit overwhelmed by the large office atmosphere! Very personable and always very polite and well presented. We were very happy with his performance and presentation. Ronaldo deserves to do well, and we wish him every success!’

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