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BSix students triumph enables Hackney to build affordable housing

22 May 18 2 years ago

BCitizens students from BSix Brooke House Sixth Form College have won a victory for local residents by securing the build of 500 secure rental homes in the borough of Hackney after working tirelessly in partnership with Citizens UK to influence change on housing provision.

Citizens UK are a UK organisation who work closely with community organisations such as schools, colleges, mosques and churches. Their aim is to develop leadership capacity of people so that they can work together as a community to improve the key issues in the area; such as suitable housing, youth provisions, refugees, equal wage and mental health.

The students worked in partnership with Caitlin Burbridge (Liaison support Citizens UK) on building a strong campaign; this included committing to weekly meetings to research, prepare and to identify how they were going to build their campaign to present at the 2018 Hackney Citizens Mayoral Accountability Assembly. The BCitizens students hard work paid off and after tireless campaigning to drum up support from their fellow peers through information events and presentations, they were able to march to the Round Chapel and present their speech to the mayoral candidates on Thursday 26th April 2018.

We look forward to working on further campaigns with Citizens UK and if you are interested in finding out more or are wanting to change the face of your community, please contact Andrea McLean at BSix College to find out more. You can also visit Citizens UK website

“It was an exhilarating experience to hear all the promises that were made, and to see the enthusiasm of all those around me who all wanted to fight for a better living.”

Esra Su Kurtulan

“I felt very honoured to be working with citizens UK these past couple of months in order to deliver a fantastic presentation on the evening. The evening was filled with hope, enthusiasm and courage. All those who spoke showed their passion and emotion in what they truly believed in and fought for their borough in the most democratic way, if it be to gain affordable housing, more integration for the refugees, better youth provision, and cheaper energy suppliers. In regards to all this I would like to give a special thanks to Caitlin (institution liaison) for making this day very memorable.”

Sannah Panjabi

“The event really showed me how democracy works. I got the opportunity to listen to stories both good and bad, that affect the people living in Hackney. It also gave me the chance to see the candidates for mayor as well as see their commitments in resolving the presented issues. I was inspired by the power of hundreds of people both old and young to create change.”

Olasoji Ajayi

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