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‘Talk Back’ with Spoken word artist, Anthony Anaxagorou

Knowledge is Power: Talk Back with Spoken word artist Anthony Anaxagorou


As part of the Knowledge is Power programme, BSix students took part in a short course with the spoken word artist, poet and writer, Anthony Anaxagorou. The course ended this with a powerful performance of poetry from the students and the formation of a BSix Poetry Society.

After performing his own poem, student Simba Goba said of the course:

“The workshops really helped us as a whole to feel more confident in the fact that we write poetry, and also gave a new skill to those who didn’t do so beforehand. The workshops personally helped me learn different ways to articulate myself and explore spoken poetry, something I’d never tried, and expand my lexical knowledge. I feel the workshop helped the group to find common ground and connect and it is my wish and strong recommendation that we carry it on. A poetry society so to say.”

Anthony Anaxagorou (born March 1983) is a British born poet and writer. Anaxagorou was the first young poet to win the London Mayor’s Poetry Slam with his poem “Anthropos” in 2002. Following this, he made a number of television and radio appearances reading poetry, including a live recital on BBC London Radio and a television interview followed by a recital with Vanessa Feltz on the Community Channel.

In 2003, he appeared alongside fellow poet Kate Tempest on Young Nation, presented by Richard Blackwood, where he performed several poems themed around social issues relating to young people. He went on to feature as a member of the panel on the talk show itself which focused on wider issues such as racism, history, religion, addiction and abuse, encouraging young people to speak out and voice their thoughts.