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Leading Historian, John Morrill, inspires BSix students!

World renowned historian, John Morrill, inspires BSix History students!


BSix historians were delighted to welcome Professor John Morrill of Cambridge University to debate the causes of the English Civil War last week. A friendly introduction from A Level historian, Ahmed Yusuf, drew attention to the fact that while students had been debating this question for the last few months, Professor Morrill had been debating it for over 50 years!


Professor Morrill is one of the World’s leading historians, who specializes in the political, religious, social, and cultural history of early-modern Britain from 1500-1750, especially the English Civil War. He is best known for his scholarship on Early Modern Politics and his unique county studies approach which he developed at Cambridge.


Students were gripped by Professor Morrill’s powerful storytelling and his analysis of the religious psychology of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive and included:

“Professor Morrill fully explored our questions and enriched our knowledge.”

“I admire the way he was commenting on other historians with respect, even though disagreeing with their view.”

“I am most grateful for him explaining how his views differed from Conrad Russell’s and Christopher Hill’s.”

“Meeting Professor Morrill was a very rewarding experience.  I enjoyed the way it was set like we were interviewing a Hollywood celebrity, which made me feel comfortable enough to ask him questions.”


The students, their history teacher, Lucy Capes and BSix Principal, Kevin Watson (a former student of Professor Morrill’s) could not have been more grateful for his wonderful story telling and generous sharing of knowledge.


Professor Morrill afterwards said that, “…students were outstanding: so committed and concerned and asking great questions.”

…Plans to continue the debate at Cambridge University are in the making!

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NOTICESUpdated: 26th August 2020