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Young Enterprise 2019

Young Enterprise 2019


BSix Level 1 Business students at the Old Spitalfields Trade Fair…

…and guest keynote speaker at the Business reception: BSix Business teacher, Faye Bernard!


On Wednesday 13 February, nearly 50 Young Enterprise student companies braved the outdoors to pitch and sell their products at Old Spitalfields Market in East London.


The event, supported by Delta Air Lines, saw young entrepreneurs selling innovative products ranging from USB encrypters and solar powered chargers to macramé hanging baskets and reusable water bottles.


Students who pitched their products at Old Spitalfields Market are taking part in Young Enterprise’s flagship Company Programme. Company Programme empowers young people aged 15-19 to set up and run a real business over an academic

year. Young people make all the decisions about their business, from deciding on the company name and product, to creating a business plan, managing their finances and selling their products.


Our very own BSix Business students have formed a clothing company called C.E.D. which supplies casual, affordable clothing aimed at the 16 – 25-year-old range.


The annual event held at Old Spitalfields Market is the largest trade fair in Company Programme calendar and is considered a highlight among students, staff and supporters. Many of the young people who took part in the Old Spitalfields Market Trade Fair will compete to win a place at the National Finals of the Company Programme Competition on Tuesday 18 June at London County Hall.


The performance of each team was carefully analysed by a panel of experienced professionals, representing a wide range of sectors.


This year, the event also featured a business reception to launch the new impact report of Company Programme. There was a mix of companies, philanthropists, trusts and foundations in the room – all wanting to learn more about the Company Programme benefits and dedicated to making a difference to young people. We heard from YE CEO Michael Mercieca and BSix Sixth Form teacher, Faye Bernard regarding their YE experience.

Faye is the lead teacher for students taking part in YE Company Programme and has run this for the last four years. Faye says,

‘Company Programme offers tremendous benefits to the students I teach and affords them opportunities and experiences that they otherwise would not have. It also allows the students to gain and develop key employability skills, something BSix Brooke House College feels is key to young people achieving future aspirations.’

Faye Bernard

‘Company Programme allows students to gain and develop key employability skills, something BSix College feels is key to young people achieving future aspirations.’
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