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BSix is committed to”the value of research for staff, students and the College. We have had a researcher-in-residence in partnership with the Institute of Education. Our teachers are encouraged to undertake action research. University researchers often use BSix as a subject to investigate. Currently, we are part of a study being carried out by the University of Leicester and the Open Unversity called “Living multiculture”. Researchers from the two universities visit the College regularly to observe how our students, from widely diverse backgrounds, interact with each other. Below are copies of published research about BSix or by BSix staff..

The impact of Learning Advocates; an analysis of the effects of having student Learning Advocates who are trained to observe lessons, undertake research and make presentations. Author: Shayma: Izzidien, researcher-in-residence.

An exploration of the impact of the BSuccessful programme run at BSix to encourage positive attitudes and commitment to study among young people. Author : Shayma Izzidien, researcher-in-residence.

An evaluation of the experiences of teachers new to BSix. Author : Shayma Izzidien, researcher-in-residence.

A discussion of the impact of peer assessment (students assessing the work of other students) . Authors: Shayma Izzidien ,researcher-in-residence, and Gill Boocock, BSix Sociology teacher.

An abstract of an Education Doctorate which included the results of questionnaires completed by BSix students . Author: Debbie Mainwaring, Lecturer in Education, Institute of Education University of London.

An evaluation of the impact of advice and support given to BSix by the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA). Author: Shayma Izzidien, researcher-in-residence.

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) researched the impact of its advisory service on BSix and analysed the reasons for the College’s improvement in recent years.

BSix is part of the pilot an overarching framework for young people’s studies, the Sixth Form Baccalaurate (SFBac).The Institute of Education did an evaluation of its first year in operation and highlighted the work of BSix. Authors: Ann Hodgson and Ken Spours.

The research and policy organization Demos wrote a book on young people who want to leave school or college and go on to work rather than university. Researchers visited BSix to examine what we do about preparing young people for the world of work. The result was a publication called “the forgotten half”. Authors: Jonathan Birdwell and Matt Grist.

BSix and Brian Simon is a paper outlining the relationship between BSix and the ideal of comprehensive education put forward by Brian Simon, an education theorist and historian. Author: Ken Warman, BSix Principal.

This is an MA dissertation in Education and International Development by Ali Abdi, teacher of Maths & IT here at BSix. It is about the relationship between education and development in Northern Kenya.

In 2012 the SHM Foundation ran a pilot scheme to capture student views about their experience at their college. BSix students were major contributors to the Learning Review site. The Foundation published a report on our students’ views of their college. Here it is!

Teaching and Learning Strategies: Developing Autonomous Critical Practitioners in Art and Design Author : Bryan Parsons