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BSix is a comprehensive college in four senses:

  1. It is non-selective, adhering to national entry criteria. The raising of achievement is to be effected by teaching and learning, assessment and support, not by streaming or exclusion.
  2. It offers a sixth form college experience to young people at all levels, from entry to advanced.
  3. It offers a wide range of subjects including disciplines like Health & Social Care, Music Technology and ESOL as well as traditional GCSE and A Level subjects.
  4. BSix has a commitment to ensuring that young people receive an all-round education, including the appropriate qualifications. BSix aims to ensure that its graduates progress successfully on to the next level, university or the world of work and that they have the personal skills and attributes to become outstanding workers, citizens and students.
  • A comprehensive ethos and high achievement are complementary aspirations.
  • All young people are educable and can make exceptional progress
  • Equality is at the heart of the College’s purpose: there is parity of esteem and status between all levels of education and types of qualification.
  • BSix is a distinctive community, promoting and celebrating diversity in all its forms.
  • BSix seeks to act in the best interests of young people rather than narrowly and ruthlessly pursuing institutional self-interest. As a result, our approach to other institutions – where possible – is collaborative, not competitive.
  • The College is committed to the focused professional development of all staff.
  • BSix seeks to be rooted in the local community and to play a full role in the post-16 education sector.
  • The three mottos of BSix encapsulate its values: Aspire Study Achieve, High standards for all, BSix: a university for teachers.